увлажняющий крем для телаYour skin is unbearably itchy? Help moisturizing body cream that is designed specifically for dry skin type.

If you notice that your skin becomes dry during the cold period of the year, experts advise to install in a sleeping room with a humidifier and use it throughout the winter. Reducing the level of humidity compromises the protective barrier of the skin. The moisture begins to evaporate, causing dryness of the skin.

You may wish to use other means to restore the moisture level of your skin. First of all, temporarily do not use different scrubs, not to aggravate the skin condition and not to provoke irritation.

Increased intake of fatty acids omega-3, found in fish and supplements plays an important role in the treatment of dry skin, skin eczema and dry eyes.



In the cold season it is recommended to use moisturizing cream and moisturizing shampoos for dry hair. To cleanse the facial skin is better to use soft means the formula is oil-based and contains no trace of soap, especially if you feel that the skin becomes more tight after using your usual cleanser.

During the winter period should also be deleted lotions-tonics especially those containing alcohol, they dry the skin. The moisturizer in this case and just need to apply it better on wet skin, the tool penetrates faster into the skin and brings visible results. Moisturizing lotion is better to replace the cream, it is thicker and not as watery. In the cold season it is necessary to use a scrub that contains alpha hydroxyl acids. Don’t forget the sunscreen and moisturizing remedy for the lips, because lips can dry and cover the cracks.


Hair care

As for dry hair, you should not think that crusted and itchy skin hairline is a sign of dry skin. We can talk about of dandruff. During the formation of crusts on the skin you need to wash your hair with shampoo that contains zinc which helps to reduce inflammation. However, if you believe that you simply dry skin and very dry hair, try to use the balm once a week.


The care of the back and buttocks

Very often we forget about caring for the skin of the back and buttocks, as this hard-to-reach area. Meanwhile, if you do not moisturize that part of the body may cause itching and even rashes.

Replace your regular body lotion for a more nourishing cream or body butter with Shea butter or glycerin. Coconut oil or argan oil is perfect for sensitive skin. Apply the cream on dry skin and tap gently in no case do not RUB. Before you wear tights or skinny jeans, after applying the cream should take 5-10 minutes. Re-apply the cream before bedtime.


Care for your hands

For soft skin of hands and nails always have a moisturizer and cuticle oil. The Shea butter and urea make the skin soft and smooth. Urea is a component that promotes the penetration of water into the skin and softens rough patches and dry cuticles and hangnails. Apply a moisturizing cream on the skin of hands and feet every night and after washed.

In case of irritation on skin or cracking on heels propose the following solution: add in a bowl of warm water a few drops of almond oil, soak hands or feet for five minutes in this water. Dry the skin and tap gently, and then slowly massage into the skin with almond or coconut oil, paying special attention to the cuticle and nails. Wrap your hands or feet with a warm towel for 15 minutes. At night can wear a pair of light cotton gloves or socks.


Foot care

If it starts to peel off the skin on the legs or appear small relief education on the forearms and buttocks, I advise you to buy gommage on the basis of sugar. Hair keratosis is most often seen in the winter time, because remnants of dead skin accumulate in the hair follicles. If these lesions do not resolve, try using an exfoliating lotion, apply it twice a week on the affected areas of skin. To soften dry skin on the elbows and knees, use a balm that contains coconut oil and vitamin E that are struggling with a rash and irritation, creating a protective barrier.

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