родинкиWhat is moles: spicy decorations, signs of destiny, or simply skin lesions, which at any moment can turn into a dangerous tumor? Birthmarks everyone has one, and locations are purely individual. What do these markings, and how to treat moles?


What is nevus

Birthmarks, moles, nevi – all name the same education, consisting of cells that act as repositories of skin pigments. Many dermatologists tend to rank nevi to benign tumors, which, however, can easily degenerate into malignant. Moles are sometimes congenital, but most often they appear on the skin throughout life. Contrary to popular belief, nevi is equal for all people, including black people.

Most melanomas occur on the face, but they can appear on other parts of the skin, including mucous membranes. Interestingly, women moles on mucous occur slightly more often than men. Any of these nevi usually accidentally, if at all detectable.

Nevi are very diverse, they differ in shape, colour and size. In some of them, such as hemangioma or anemic nevus, even no melanin. But the true melanophore nevi are composed of cells newsitev. Here are the most famous of these birthmarks:

  • Intradermal nevus is very prevalent. It is located in the dermis – the middle layer of the skin;
  • Revolutiony edge nevus has received its name that the accumulation of pigment cells located at the border of the epidermis and dermis. A mole is a flat or slightly convex stain brown with crisp edges;
  • Pigment complex nevus of the skin. This convex mole, the shade can vary from light brown to almost black, with smooth surface, which sometimes grow stiff hairs;
  • Nutritionally nevus also usually plays, but with a rough surface. People like nevi often called “hanging moles” or “warts”. This kind of moles often injured, so many dermatologists recommend to remove them;
  • Warty (papillomatosis) nevus resembles, as the name implies, the wart with a rough surface, which sometimes grow hair. These nevi are not reborn, but look quite unattractive and often injured, they are recommended to remove;
  • The blue nevus is so named for the blue color. Has a smooth surface, dense texture and small size (up to 5 mm), typical representatives of Asian Nations;
  • Nevus of Seton gala or nevus is a mole, surrounded by discolored skin. The surface of moles can become inflamed, in addition, the frequent companions of this nevus – vitiligo and melanoma;
  • Nevus of OTA and nevus it is very similar – it resemble the spots of dirt on the skin. Typical representatives of the peoples of Asia;
  • Nevus Becker appears usually in boys during adolescence due to release in the blood of a large number of male hormones. This brown spot large (up to 20 cm in diameter) in size with a smooth surface, which eventually becomes the wart and covered with hair.


Dangerous moles

The main danger of nevi that they may develop into a malignant tumor is a melanoma. Most often reborn edge nevi, blue nevi, nevi of Seton and nevus of OTA. In addition, particular care should be taken to their moles to those nevi very many (more than 50), the white people, the owners of large (>5 mm) nevi, especially congenital. Risk factors also include permanent injury moles (friction, contact with clothing, contact with aggressive substances or UV irradiation). Another alarming symptom is the constant appearance of new moles, particularly in old age, usually when the number of moles decreases.

Signs of a rebirth birthmark include any changes: peeling, inflammation, growth, changing tone (especially dangerous darkening of moles), surface change, loss of hairgrowing on it, changing the shape of the spots, bleeding from a mole or pitting and wet. The appearance of any of these symptoms – a reason to urgently address to the doctor.

Of course, moles do not necessarily translate into malignant tumors, some types of nevi completely safe. But some types of birthmarks require very careful attention. This mole, the diameter of which exceeds 5 mm, moles with fuzzy edges, asymmetrical spots, nevus with uneven color or uneven surface.


What will tell moles

While oncologists in each mole looking ominous signs for the future of melanoma, ordinary people trying birthmark to learn about his fate. Many believe that moles is “greetings” from a past life, from past incarnations, karmic signs. So, those who in a past life was lost because of injury, this injury can be formed birthmark.

The pattern of moles on the body of each person is individual. The arrangement of nevi can be judged about the future, the tests of life, abilities and talents.

The happiest are pretty small moles rounded. If such moles form a triangle on the skin – man is lucky, a real favorite of Fortune. The circles and ovals of moles is also favorable. But moles, forming a square, star, or cross – a bad omen.

Single mole change their value depending on where they are located. Women are considered favorable moles, to the left, men on the right. Accordingly, for example, a mole in the right eyebrows for men will be the sign of a happy marriage, and the woman will Herald an unhappy marriage. Conversely, mole on left eyebrow for women is a sign of a happy family life, and man this mark promises unhappiness in the marriage.

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