Самые модные деловые блузкиWomen’s blouse is a unique piece of clothing. With its help any business woman will be able to diversify your business image.

The presence of strict office suits, a rigid dress code is not yet a reason for a grey and dull appearance throughout the working day.

And even a business woman under his jacket to show off a silk or chiffon blouse.

Most importantly, choose the right option for your business image perfectly fit into the office environment.

Classic versions

First of all, of course, is to stay on the classics. The best option may be the use of a white blouse laconic, restrained tailoring. This model blouses are a great option for any business suit. By the way, on top you can not even wear a jacket, the waist can be emphasized, using only a simple wide strap. Thanks to a blouse at work, you can look and elegant and at the same time strictly.

Moreover, will not even change if you have a night out. Quite a blouse to decorate brilliant thin strap or a wide belt, which will be decorated with some decoration: stones, metal buckle.

Bright office weekdays

The assurances of stylists for office appropriate and a bright blouse. For combination with it to fit a skirt “pencil” or straight trousers – the result can be quite trendy. To turn color and a jacket in the evening in this case, it becomes even easier. It in itself is a celebration. And if we add large jewelry, brooches, etc., get a truly festive option.

Модные варианты блузок

Material fashion office blouse

The material for sewing the blouse is also important. For example, a satin blouse is the perfect option for both work and festive situations. Thus, it is not important the color. Indeed, a distinctive feature of Atlas is its ability to sparkle in the light.

The only thing you need to consider that for office it is better to choose calm color satin – black, beige or white. When choosing such jackets required proper selection and accessories. It is better to abandon large and massive jewelry, and choose small neat earrings, a pendant or a thin chain.

If office style seems too boring, the alternation of multiple blouses of different styles and colors will help to transform the dress code of the office in a stylish and elegant garment.

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