миостимуляцияFaced with the first signs of aging, every woman starts thinking how to get rid of wrinkles and bring freshness and elasticity of a flabby, who lost the tone of the skin. We should admit that for all the variety of cosmetic procedures, the choice of means in the fight against age-related changes of the skin is quite small: it is or Botox, which is virtually impossible for the facial muscles mobility or fillers that are filling wrinkles add to face unwanted volume. Recently, however, is becoming more popular is another method of anti-aging skin, it myostimulation or electronic stimulation of facial muscles.

In fact myostimulation hardly be called innovative technology, this kind of stimulation are often prescribed to improve the tone of a group of muscles. However, in cosmetology myostimulation started to use recently. The results of the research showed the effectiveness of the procedure in removing wrinkles and improve skin tone, and a positive result is achieved without long training of the muscles and additional exercises.

We look older, because our skin loses its elasticity, it is folded into the wrinkles and sags, so the majority of women believe that the skin to recover his form can only fillers, whether Botox or other types of fillers. Experts believe that regular training of muscles is not worse to cope with this task. However, there is one “but”, to train the muscles of the body is much easier than face muscles. And here comes to the aid myostimulation. The essence of the procedure is the impact of micro-currents on the facial muscles. Current causes the muscles, which in turn strengthens the tissue and increases muscle volume. In fact, such a procedure in beauty salons know for a long time, but really popular it became more recently, there was instruments for carrying out myostimulation at home. Now men and women, concerned about his age and appearance, the opportunity to tone up the skin and improve its appearance, without leaving home.


Myostimulation method

For a price, you get a device consisting of a pair of innovative Jack and the device battery and manual control. Two pads are placed on both sides of the face, through them, to the muscles supplied electric current. Certain nerve, which is connected with the main facial muscles gives them the momentum and leads to stimulation of the entire surface of the face.

Myostimulation allows you to update Mature lost the tone of the skin.

When all laudable reviews, myostimulation not classified as cosmetic procedures, approved by the authoritative medical institutions.

Today myostimulation resort for various reasons, some people use a skin rejuvenation, others with minimally trying to solve health problems.

In a salon or clinic myostimulation method is carried out by a qualified technician. On the face of the patient is put on a cloth mask, to the zones intended stimulation connected with metal detectors, which serves a weak electric current. Single procedure takes from 10 to 30 minutes. To achieve the best results it is recommended to carry out several sessions a week. Myostimulation method has a temporary effect, therefore, to consolidate the results will need a long course of regular procedures.


Advantages myostimulation

For some patients myostimulation – method against the mimic wrinkles and age, for others a way to stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow in a particular area. In medical practice myostimulation often prescribed to patients with a history of stroke or serious injury. In addition, the procedure myostimulation used to eliminate the effects of paralysis of the facial nerve.


Analgesic action

Myostimulation helps relieve pain in the joints and muscles, eliminates the effects of stress. As a result of influence of currents in the areas of stimulation increases the inflow of blood and its saturation by oxygen, and is a powerful release of endorphins.


Toning of the muscle tissue

Myostimulation widely used in the treatment of patients partially or fully affected by paralysis. Due to exposure to the device muscle contraction prevent further atrophy of the tissues.

Myostimulation increases muscle strength and helps to reduce the recovery period.

Myostimulation popular as a method to restore and increase muscle tone after trauma, surgery or long illness. The procedure is often prescribed to patients with contraindications of intense exercise.


Side effects

Incorrectly adjusted miostimulyatory can leave the skin traces of burns and bruises. Damage to the skin and muscle tissues occurs as a result of exposure too powerful discharge current.


Electric shock

Model miostimulyatorov that does not meet accepted standards, can cause electric shock. The source of the shock can be electric plates or wires and cords.


Interaction with other electrical devices

Miostimulyatory react to the presence of other electronic devices, such as defibrilatorun or pacemakers. The effects of the interaction of these devices can be quite serious, and the traumas received in result, require immediate medical care and hospitalization. If you decide to purchase the muscle stimulator for home use, before purchasing and using this unit, make sure to consult with a specialist.

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