Many women think that the age of the issue face and neck, but it is not so. Hands age is much faster, and therefore require careful cosmetic care, more than any other body part. Special attention should be paid to the winter period, because the skin of freezing, drying, nails are cracking due to a lack of vitamins. If your hands or nails already in a critical condition, it is better to use healing ointment iruksol.

Уход за ногтями в зимнее время года 4

Tips on care

Instead of running their nails and hands in the winter, you should follow some rules, namely:

  1. Use a moisturizing cream, it is ideal not only hands, but also for nail care.
  2. Drink lots of water. Frost and cold air dried nails, and if they lose moisture, become brittle and fragile.
  3. Do massage cuticle, just rubbing oil into the base of the nail.
  4. Rest nails, do not overload them with a varnish. Let recover and bounce back.
  5. Eat more protein.
  6. Be sure to wear gloves, not only those that protect from the cold, but at home, when you do the cleaning chemicals.

Уход за ногтями в зимнее время года 2

Correctly подпиливайте nails

Improper treatment of nails, can lead to unpleasant consequences, therefore, pay attention to this item of particular importance. To preserve the beauty of the nail, подпиливайте its always in the same direction. Wet nails are easier to break, so do not make manicure immediately after showering or bathing. Better not to use hard пилочками, choose the ones that softer.

Уход за ногтями в зимнее время года 3

If the problem is with your fingernails to you usual thing, this is a question better addressed with the doctor, most likely the body lacks nutrients or some vitamins. A professional will recommend medications or ointments containing in its composition Zarontin. These drugs rejuvenate your nail plate in a short time and give your nails healthy.

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