Today, many women are accustomed to having their nails have a beautiful well-groomed appearance. To achieve this goal spend a huge amount of time and money. Now, Russia is open to a huge number of beauty salons from the very small to very budget visits to the salons of the high class, where service is of the highest category.
Уход за ногтями в длительной командировке1
Thanks to the huge competition in this business in the Russian market, the masters have to constantly learn and improve their level of qualification and the level of masters is constantly growing, which is on hand to all attendees. Which is why, in our country the beautiful nails – this is a common thing, not a privilege for the rich. Therefore, travelling ladies think not only about the bags,which can accommodate cosmetics of Dawera, but also about the nails.

But what if it was a long trip or a long business trip to another continent? Is there a nail service in other countries on the same level as in Russia? Perhaps going to Europe, significant differences find to be extremely difficult. By the way many of our masters fly to Europe to learn from the best specialists there, so a trip to the European countries will not bring disappointment about this.
Уход за ногтями в длительной командировке
But, if a long business trip ( trip) will be in Asia, you need to be prepared that there is a level of skill and service is somewhat lower. Being in the hot Asian countries, one should not forget about safety. There are a lot of “beauty salons are located right on the street, where the wizard is not able even to wash hands with clean water, and even more to disinfect them. To use the services in such places, it is not recommended, therefore, to keep the beauty nail there, you need to find the beauty of a high class. By the way prices for services even there will not bite, but in a good beauty, you can be sure of their safety and the level of professionalism of masters. Also in Asia, you can enjoy exotic peeling feet, when your feet sink into the aquarium with small fish that you eat the dead skin flakes.

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