To have strong and healthy nails – the desire of millions of women all over the planet. But, unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky since birth. Many women are forced to spend many hours in beauty salons to achieve the effect of strong, beautiful and healthy nails in any way. But to achieve the desired effect possible and homes through a variety of treatments using essential oils.
Уход за ногтями с использованием эфирного масла3
Properties of essential oils are that they are easy to attach nails Shine and strengthen them, Polish and whiten. In order to properly choose the correct oil for your nails, should elaborate on the properties of each oil separately.

Oil of lemon

Mainly used for whitening of the nails, and also to give them a natural Shine. Additionally it is an excellent antiseptic. The oil is also used in case of damage to the cuticle for her speedy healing.

Oil ylang-ylang

Used for polishing Nogotkov. For these purposes, the oil is used in its pure form. A few drops applied on special batik, which are polished nails. In addition, with the help of this oil can strengthen your nails and to avoid breakage and delamination.

Oil of bergamot

Is one of the best means through which you will restore the nails after extension. It helps to strengthen thin, breakable nails.

Sage oil is also used in the treatment of peeling, brittle nails.

For healthy nails are not only used the above tools, you can also manually to experiment with the selection of different essential oils. They are sold in pharmacies, showing the methods of their application.

Oil for nail care uses a variety of methods:

Oil mask. To obtain the mask must be mixed base and essential oils in the proportions specified in the instructions for their use. Then steam out of the hands and nails and RUB it in for 5 minutes, the resulting mixture. Upon completion, hand wash.
Уход за ногтями с использованием эфирного масла
Baths for hands. In the container for the bath to mix with warm water (not more than 40 degrees), three drops of essential oil to hold in the resulting liquid hand about twenty minutes. Then hands thoroughly dried and spread cream.

Compresses from a mixture of oils. To apply a compress of oil must be mixed basic and essential oil, apply the mixture on the cloth and 15 minutes to attach to the nail plate, wrapped his hands with a warm towel.

In General, you should not be afraid to experiment with essential oils, because after selecting a suitable procedure can forget about expensive salons.

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