ногтевой дизайн 2014Nail design 2014 glows with all the colors of the color spectrum, deviating from acid gamma mysterious and mystical. Spring and summer is the time to decorate their nails colorful drawings, flower compositions, thin lace, playful droplets and original coating on the tips. All these trends are common for both everyday use and special cases, for example for a wedding. It is impossible not to note how solid is becoming a fashion on nail design, and it’s not good.


Flower nail design

Flowers remain the main theme in nail art. They easily find a place for himself in the graceful short nails, but with more inspiration decorate long extended the nail with transparent matte or white plates. Flower arrangements this year become more diverse, but more simple, gradually abandoning the pretentiousness. One example is a schematic depiction of flowers, which take one or two of the nail completely replace the departing in the past multilayer watercolor designs that can be played only by a professional.

Demand in nail art and color theme, which seemed to grow on nails, his roots in the tip of the nail plate. Such pictures are more difficult to play, they require a steady hand and skill. Usually they look great on a white matte background, but you can create your own, such as blue as the basis in the sky.


Hologram design

Holography, which in its pure form is adorned with all the nails, rather appropriate for the new year parties, but in everyday life we can afford to decorate spectacular iridescent holographic design one or two fingernails on one hand. The rest of the nails is better to paint a matte varnish light pastel shades. This design is perfect for weddings.

Caviar design

Caviar nail design, which represents the nail plate, studded with tiny round particles resembling caviar. Caviar design in 2014 offered in the same form as expressive holographic when one nail is decorated with berries, and other painted matte or glossy varnish of the same color. This textured nail design excellent for holidays. If you want a manicure for the occasion, you can connect this tendency with the previous one, emphasizing on the one hand the nail with eggs and nail with a holographic sticker, and the rest of nails making simple, plain design.


Ethnic ornaments

Not always clear at a glance where masters of nail art were inspired, but it’s obvious influence of ancient civilizations. Nails decorated with ornaments in the form of zigzags, labyrinths, snakes, which may be present on a single nail, neatly intertwined, but not interfering with each other, or different nails.


Modesty and chasnosti

Peas are not considered actual print in fashion pret-a-porter, but in nail design, this simple and elegant figure found himself, for the joy beginners nail artists who have not had their hand in the creation of complex composite drawings. Most effectively looks white peas on a bright colored background, necessarily plain, matte or gloss. If you do not want to keep up with fashion, take a deep blue or grassy green, red is more appropriate for the new year holidays.

Leopard print on the nails can be created as a varnish, and with the help of labels. In 2014 colors for leopard nails grow, and along with the classics, which occurs in nature, there are alternative versions of blue, green, purple, mint, turquoise.


Romantic decoration

Such nails if specially created for Valentine’s Day or manicure made for a special and romantic about it. In 2014, a nail in a new fashion will play all the attributes of a life of a dreamer, floating in the clouds, whose life is shrouded in an aura of romantic experiences and aspirations for the tenderness and coziness. For those who are not sufficient minimalist peas scattered on the nail, invented new items that are returned in a nail-design. It hearts, decorating tips of nails, stars, painted lacquer and applied, as if carved from a swish of colored foil, star dust, decorating the whole nail from tip to cuticle.


Dip-dye look

Degrade or hombre, where the color or moves in a lighter shade, either gradually dissolved in a different color, remains a tendency Neil design. Looks very impressive on the nail any of pastel shades, which connects with the other or dissolved in the flesh pink shades of the natural nail. Fine decorative «dust» decorates the tip of the nail, gradually coming down to nothing towards his root.

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