One has only to type in the search engine of any system “nail art design” how will appear on the screen countless articles and photos. And in this ocean of information every woman wants to accurately determine the specific direction of the trend of the nail industry. Beautiful, neat, fashionable manicure always speaks not only about beautiful appearance but also about the success of its owner. For many women, it is more important to go public with a good manicure than with makeup. Manicured nails are always a sight to behold, produce a certain impression on others, giving confidence and resolve. The appearance of your handles is a source of information, so it is important to be keep this pen on the pulse of the latest trends in nail fashion.
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The first thing I want to note is the shape of the nail. Latest trends nail designs 2016 based on their naturalness. This is especially nice, and removes all restrictions for those with delicate nails, characterized by high strength and long.
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To know how to do the manicure correctly and be updated with the latest trends then visit courses the master of nail service.
Что нового в индустрии ногтевого сервиса?4
Today is the most fashionable nail design has a delicate rounded form, as allowed in soft square, causing the feet of the acrylic is gone. It is therefore not lost its relevance timeless classic French manicure would be appropriate to combine the matte with gloss, you can also improve it a little liquid gems or gold color. In 2016, the gaining popularity of nail designs with the style of “Nude” that maximizes the natural freshness, the beauty and health of your handles.
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The most popular and relevant today pastel colors. At first glance, this heavily can limit the imagination of the master, but in fact advanced designers are using modern materials that will transform your nails in soft, romantic and mysterious work of art, strictly following fashion and creating a bright individual image. Drawings of animals, birds and flowers, leopard spots and tiger strips, imitation marble and natural stones and many more, have not lost their relevance, but only transformed from causing stains in a gentle natural supplements modern female image. Gold and delicate grey most preferred for creating stylish nail. The exception is the classic red, is it the same in fashion. Women bold enough to apply it properly and harmoniously combine with the gold or white, can be in the form of drawings. Do not be afraid to experiment, vivid individual image is always in trend.

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