дизайн ногтейPondering how to improve your image? Nail design can blend in with your festive outfit or make it more unique your everyday appearance. Although the most complex samples of nail art is best left to the professionals, there are a number of methods that you may learn by yourself. A little practice and a lot of patience – and you have a beautiful, unique design that adorns your nails.


Fundamentals of design of nails

  • The nails have to look good

Learn how to maintain your nails healthy and beautiful. A manicure is not mandatory for nail art, but your nails should be clean and neat shape. Take care and the cuticles (they can be mitigated by using vaseline).

  • Select appropriate tools

There are a variety of varnishes and paints for nails, and the choice is completely yours. Try different brands and tools to see which you like more. Don’t forget to try and acrylic paints – they are also suitable, and are cheaper than Polish.

Also you will need the tools to apply the paint. You can buy a professional set for nail art with all necessary or improvise. For example, draw dots and swirls can with a toothpick or pin, and a thin paint brush works not worse than specially designed for nails. In addition, you can create your masterpieces on your nails and artificial tips, and a variety of miscellaneous nails is amazing. And, perhaps most important, stock up on liquid Polish remover to quickly resolve errors, and a small brush or supply of cotton swabs.

  • Look for ideas and techniques

A few hours with a professional teacher can help not worse than years of practice. There are books dedicated to nail art. Also inexhaustible supply of ideas can be found on the Internet. There are sites where people post photos of their creations, you can find forums which are attended by both beginners and pros. Also, on YouTube you can find videos with step by step instructions to create nail design.

  • Prepare all of the materials

Nail design requires patience and speed, as paint and varnishes dry quickly. Before you start, check whether you have everything you need, including liquid Polish remover.

  • Cover the nail with a layer basis

Before you create a masterpiece you need a canvas. Depending on what you intend to do, select a neutral color – transparent, white, light beige or light pink, or bright color to your taste. You may want to divide the nail into pieces of different colors. Apply two coats of nail Polish that strengthens nails and looks better. Make sure your “canvas” smooth and neat, wait until the paint is dry.

Dip the brush in the varnish of the same color, varnish should cover it evenly and completely. Start with simple drawings. In nail art great scope for creativity – you can draw pictures, abstract patterns, and so on. But nails should not be overloaded. Simple design is often the most beautiful. A novice should remember that the simpler the pattern, the greater the likelihood that he will succeed.

  • Apply top coat

After your design has dried, cover it top clear acrylic top coat to protect your nails and keep your creation.

  • Take care of nail design

Apply a layer of clear coat every two or three days to save the picture and glitter nail. Moisten cuticles every day. Take care of your nails – perform housework wear gloves, be careful when you do something that may damage your nails – such as opening a soda can.


How to draw

    • Make simple drawings. Using a brush with a very fine tip, you can trace objects. For this fit is also a special pen for nail art, or you can use a regular toothpick.
    • Paint over the drawing. You can use the same brush or a slightly thicker, the same color or another. Apply one color at a time. If the contour and the object a different color, wait for contour lines dried up. Dip the brush into the paint as often as necessary. Allow time for one color to dry before applying the following.
    • Keep it simple, use a normal point. We should not underestimate them, with their help you can create the most incredible designs using dots of different colors and sizes. Dip a thin brush, a toothpick or pin into the paint and it is easy to push to the nail. To paint dots of different size, use the tools of different thickness.
    • Points can be applied in different ways. You can draw them abstract patterns or drawings. To make progressively smaller dots, dip the tool into the paint once and put a number of points – they will be getting smaller, as it will run out of paint.

To draw a simple flower, place five dots of the same color in a circle, and the center point of a different color. You can add a flower stalk – thin curved green line.

Using the tool with a fine tip you can from the not yet solidified drops of varnish to hold the rays, curls and the like. Don’t limit your imagination.


Nail designs 2015

Trends in the world of beauty change and become obsolete very quickly. So, nail designs 2015 year is different from previous seasons some fashionable details, which give the image a relevant and perfectly blended with the modern trends in clothing, makeup, hairstyles. Deep “space” colors, geometric patterns, luxurious gold and a variety of textures – just some of the modern trends.

  • Natural length

Even the most beautiful design will look ridiculous on the well-groomed nails. Therefore, any manicure begins with soften the skin of hands, moisturize and remove (or move aside) the cuticle, as well as giving nails a shape.

It’s time to finally abandon the extremely long nails. Such nails look rather unnatural. They can effectively look at the photo shoots, but in real life extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, today it is possible to abandon the impractical length, and pointed stilettos, trendy recently.

Trending neat nails natural length. The edge of the nail plate should protrude a maximum of half a centimeter. Form at this fashionable classic oval or almond-shaped, elegant and refined.

Of course, fashionable shape and length could not exert influence on the current nail design. Voluminous and lush decorations that don’t look good on short nails, finally lost relevance. In fashion geometric design, spectacular texture and original color.

  • Color

In 2015 in the fashion suddenly became plain manicure without any frills. The secret of its appeal lies in the colors – they must be the most fashionable and spectacular. Such shades include:

  • The color of red wine , Marsala is a deep red with a ruby tint. Wine shades are very interesting to look on short nails;
  • Corporal. Nude shades don’t leave the temple of fashion for several seasons. They are natural, but natural is the trend today;
  • Golden. Feel like a gorgeous woman to the tips of the nails just now – just use gold lacquer. This manicure designers recommend to combine with gold jewelry;
  • Metallic shades. Metallic luster can be combined with different shades of nail polishes. Elegant and stylish lucky “metallic” look great on short oval nails;
  • Bright candy shades. Coral and mint, pistachio, peach, lemon, and orange are cheerful shades inevitably make you smile and lift your mood. You can use bright colors separately and can be combined with yellow, pink and blue nails.

Stamping nail has suddenly become very fashionable. Special stamps allow you to quickly decorate nails exactly the same images. It does not need to have artistic abilities: the image is clear, correct and accurate.

The most relevant geometrical, mesh and lace prints. Aerobatics – print, repeating pattern on the clothes, but such a task requires a certain skill because the stamped figure, might have to be supplemented in separate strokes.

In the trend of geometrical ornaments. Triangles, squares, diamonds, stripes look very expressive. Conciseness is welcome – just two colors to create a stylish design, one color may be flesh, but the second is definitely bright.

Particularly relevant triangles and oblique stripes of contrasting colors. Also in fashion color-blocking design in which the coating is a combination of several areas of geometric shapes. Each of these zones is painted in its color.

  • Space Odyssey

The style of “Space” has become fashionable for several seasons ago, but still does not lose its relevance. For this manicure are lucky deep blue, purple and grey tones with sparkles and shimmer.

On a dark space background plotted the outlines of the planets, comets, constellations and individual stars. Sparkling coating to give this manicure design completeness and mysterious shimmer.

  • Different textures

It would seem difficult to come up with spectacular decorations for short nails. No wonder the masters of nail design is usually to showcase their creations always use long and even very long nails. However, for some types of design length doesn’t matter. So, looks very interesting manicure, which uses the lucky one color but with different textures – shiny, matte, sparkly.

Options are many. It is possible to cover the nail plate with matte varnish, and the top to carry the picture of shiny varnish. You can, however, draw Matt lacquer for a shiny. You can do French or moon manicure using a combination of shiny and matte varnishes. You can simply paint the nails on one hand different lacquers – a brilliant and matte. The main thing is to tint coatings were the same, and differ only in texture. So you can create a truly spectacular and beautiful manicure.

Included in Vogue a few seasons ago gradient effect remains in fashion. Gradient manicure wins the hearts. Smooth color transitions look very important, especially if the manicure is made in the tone of an outfit.

Despite the apparent complexity of execution, gradient manicure can be done by yourself. Effect a smooth transition of colors is achieved by using an ordinary sponge or puff for makeup, which is applied paints of several colors. A piece of sponge is pressed against the nail and it’s done: get a manicure with smooth color transitions.

This effect will help to achieve and heat seal lacquer that changes shade depending on the temperature. Nail plate at the tip is much cooler than at the base, so, if applied to the nail with heat seal lacquer, the color coating will be uneven. And with the additional cooling of the heat seal lacquer changes the tone that not only creates an effect of surprise, but also looks very stylish.


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