nail design, described below, can perform as a master manicure and the newcomer. This will require improvised tools in the form of adhesive tapes, varnishes for nail art, and preliminary sketches required design.

French manicure with neon peas

  • Apply on each nail neutral lacquer, white or beige.
  • You can do without special tools for creating points, whereas can very well be used needles, paper clips, the ball on the end of the handle, or a toothpick. Grab a small amount of color nail Polish on the tip of toothpicks and apply a few points along the edge of the tip of the nail. Can use a different color on each nail.
  • Avoid smudging, wait until the point completely dry before applying the fixing coating. This nail Polish is an original way to look stylish in the summer season.

Manicure with a splash

  • Start with a nail lacquer coating of a light shade.
  • Lower cut brush makeup or small brush to paint in bright saturated lacquer. Then quickly dip the brush in the lacquer in a small amount of liquid for rinsing varnish it to be a bit down.
  • Pull the brush and spray lacquer so that he remained on the nails. This «dirty» procedure, so before manicure protect the working surface and clothes from the spray.
  • Continue to spray on the nails of the other color varnish, using three bright color.
  • Now is the time for оттирания all the excess. Carefully wash lacquer hands with a cotton swab dipped in a liquid for removal. A small brush makeup, too, in her lower to remove excess nail varnish.
  • Apply fixing coating.

Manicure with adhesive tape

  • Paint nails are polished any color you desire. From top, apply good coverage, which will allow nails to dry faster. If possible, wait a few hours before going to the next step.
  • Attach the three pieces of adhesive tape, clipping area, to the nails. The first piece attach to the base of the nail to the acute area was directed to the center. The other two glue crossed the tip of the nail, retreating slightly. Attach strips, strongly pushing them to their faces.
  • Color nail top contrast varnish, for example, a bright blue.
  • For the paint a little wet, remove the foil slowly. When it is dry, apply the fixer. You can create two-tone manicure, and you can continue to experiment.
  • Attach two crossed piece of tape to the nail so that at the base of the triangle was. Fill it with another contrasting colour, for example, Matt white.
  • Remove the foil and wait until dry, paint before applying protective coating.

Professional advice

  • Pure color and gel lacquers well suited for a regular manicure varnishes with a high concentration of pigments need for nail art. Fewer layers, the fewer mistakes.
  • Always use basic and topcoat gloss and protection of the nail. It as a primer and face powder – they are necessary for a lasting makeup.
  • Eliminate flaws manicure you can brush eye, dipping it in nail Polish remover.
  • And do not worry about what your manicure is not perfect. No one will pay attention to what your points are of different size or line slightly curve. Perfection is not so important as creativity.

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