Очаровательный маникюр со стразами фото | Очаровательный маникюр со стразами

Charming manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones are very popular: they are used for decoration of clothes, footwear, interior and other surfaces. These stones are also widely used when decorating nails that, in principle, it is not surprising, because the glue rhinestones on the nail plate easy (with this handle even a newbie), but the effect is stunning.

Rules for fixing rhinestones

To pull you stones do not fall away after a few hours, you need to know the technology of fixing rhinestones on nails:

  1.  Put a background coating on nails (to get rich hue nails can be several times with varnish).
  2.  Krepjat rhinestones. You can do this in two ways: on not dried up lacquer or on a special adhesive. In the first case, take a toothpick, moisten the tip in the water, then attach to it a stone and gently put it on the nail plate. For a better bonding rhinestone with lacquer on the pebble slightly jam. If mounting of stones will be made using glue, waiting for the full drying of the flooring. Then the nail plate (at fixing rhinestones) put drops of glue or clear lacquer. By toothpick stones are transferred to the nails.
    Дизайн ногтей со стразами, выполненный в китайском стиле фото | Дизайн ногтей со стразами, выполненный в китайском стиле

    Nail design with rhinestones, designed in Chinese style

  3.  Fix stones (glued rhinestones cover from above with a colourless varnish).

Adhering to these rules, you can easily create a home even the most whimsical design of the nails with rhinestones. But the important thing is not to overdo it: manicure should be not only beautiful, but look naturally and harmoniously in the «appearance». It is important to remember:

  •  Statement: «the more – the better» not for this case. When too nalyapisto – ugly. You can, for example, on one ноготке put the figure crystals, and other nail plates glue only a few stone.
  •  Large rhinestones better krepit only on long nails (and abuse them.
  •  Rhinestones must be correctly matched. Of course, colorless stones perfectly with any background coated nails. But with colored need to be closely: at least one of their variant must match the shade of the inflicted on the nail varnish or be a contrast to the background of the coating.
  •  It is also important event for which you created all this beauty. If this is a wedding, rhinestones – exactly what you need. But, going to a business meeting, too bright and shiny manicure should not do.
Французский маникюр со стразами фото | Французский маникюр со стразами

French manicure with rhinestones

French manicure, decorated with rhinestones

For this design, you can use the stones of any colour, shape and size. Usually base in this case, pink or beige background with a white tip. The frozen lacquer with sticks put soaked glue rhinestones and gently pushing their. For example, the stones can be stuck on the «smile line» on one finger of each hand or decorate their nails all.

Graft nails with rhinestones

This manicure very comfortable to wear: the stones are in the structure of нарощенного nail, so they do not stand on the surface of the nail plate, and, therefore, do not cling to clothes, hair, etc. When you run this manicure can be used even large rhinestones. The stones laid on the nails, and the top is covered with a layer of gel or acrylic.

Manicure with rhinestones at the rock ‘ n ‘ roll style

Нарощенные ногти со стразами фото | Нарощенные ногти со стразами

Graft nails with rhinestones

Nails are covered with black enamel and allow to it to dry. After that the nails close to each other, spread rhinestones (better use black or another dark shade). Every stone, before you attach it to ноготку, grease with glue. Top nails cover with a transparent varnish.

Nail design with rhinestones, designed in Chinese style

For such a manicure is better to use a small round stones purple, red, yellow, maroon, or pink color. Rhinestones paste on made with acrylic paint the picture, and the top cover fixer (preferably take a fixative effect of Shine).

Nails decorated with rhinestones, the splendour and beauty! Enjoy your manicure! Undoubtedly, around also to pay attention to it!

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