For a woman it is very important to always be well-groomed hands. It just needs to feel yourself confident the business meeting on a date or simply meeting with friends. However, not every woman is able to independently make a manicure. Besides healthy nails, which grow rapidly, unfortunately, not every woman.
Наращивание ногтей: мода или необходимость3
Therefore, in our time nails becoming increasingly popular. This procedure enables you to always look stylish and attract the attention of others. Currently the most popular nail acrylic and gel. Both types of capacity have their pros and cons.

If we talk about acrylic nails, it is much stronger and easier to be washed away. This type of building is suitable for those who have to work with his hands, for example, to drive, to type on the computer or do household chores. The main advantage of gel nails is their easy and almost stealth.

At the moment, very long nails longer in Vogue. Most women prefer the nails of medium length. The most popular is still aquarium design and French. This manicure-suited for both work and personal time.

French manicure choose girls who like classic style. This manicure can be executed in one color or using multiple for uploading the tip of the nail.
Наращивание ногтей: мода или необходимость1
Not less popular is the aquarium design, which runs on artificial nails. With this kind of capacity composition as though it is under glass, hence the name. With this design, they use all sorts of materials: gels, acrylic powders, paints, crystals and more.
The essence of this design is that the nail first consider the material covered, then laid figure, and after that all covered with the same material. Thus, the nails are smooth as without design.

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