пилка для кутикулыHow to start a beautiful manicure? No, not a bright shiny coating, and nails a neat shape and well groomed cuticles. Without a thorough care of the skin around the nails a manicure is simply inconceivable. Special nail file to remove cuticles rough skin, give the fingers soft and well-groomed appearance, and elixirs and oils will slow down the growth of cuticles.


A minimum of injuries

пилка для обработки кутикулыOvergrown skin at the base of the nail looks ugly. Used to remove rough cuticles used nail clippers and scissors. This procedure is quite common and to this day, she is called “manicure”. Certain skills allows you to quickly get rid of overgrown skin with a sharp instrument. However, the manicure has serious shortcomings.

First, the circumcision of the cuticle provokes its growth, i.e. the more frequently the manicure is done, the more growing the skin around the nails. Thus, within a few days after the procedure, the nails can once again look aesthetically pleasing enough.

Secondly, this method is quite traumatic. Almost inevitably appear with minor injuries, cuts and scratches. Of course, much depends on the experience of the manicure, but minor damage will almost always occur, even if the procedure does not bring discomfort. But such damage is a real gate for infections.

Special danger is represented manicure done in the salon serving many customers and at the same time insufficient attention is paid to sterilization of instruments. HIV and hepatitis – a very dear price for wanting to have a nice manicure.

Therefore, in recent decades, the popularity of the so-called European kind of manicure that involves not removing the cuticle, but only the shifting to the side. As a rule, before this the leather is treated with special products containing fruit acids – they soften the cuticle. Over time, the skin ceases to grow.

Hardware manicure handy and effective. The cuticle is removed using a rapidly rotating rollers. The skin is not damaged, unpleasant feelings are absent, the risk of damage is reduced to almost zero. However, the device for manicure is convenient to use at home or in the salon, but to carry it in my purse every day hardly anyone will want. For travel and emergency situations better to have a more lightweight and compact tool such as nail file cuticle.

Special nail files gently, painlessly and safely removing skin at the base of the nail. The advantage of this method is that a manicure you can do at any time and in any conditions. In addition, some types of nail files can be used for polishing the surfaces of the nails.


Mechanism of action

обработка кутикулыWhat is nail file cuticle? This is a small nail file with a mesh surface, resembling a honeycomb. The length of such saws is different, but the ends are usually hidden behind plastic covers that protect the nail plate by careless movements.

This nail file works like a normal nail file. Rough surface removes rough skin, polishes it, gives the tips of his fingers smooth and soft, like any other kind of exfoliation. This is a very quick and convenient method of removing the cuticles, allowing you to save time and effort.

Use a nail file to cuticle only on dry nails. The working surface of the blade is pressed against the skin around the nails and gently moves from side to side. The end files in this case conveniently rests directly on the nail plate, making sure, however, that rough surface does not touch the nail.

Handle nail file cuticle can in all directions, as in the base of the nail and laterally. The procedure takes the least time. After processing is applied to the cuticle emollient (e.g., oil for the skin around the nails). In “camp” conditions, you can use the pencil to soften or remove the cuticles – this pencil occupies a minimum of space, but effectively softens the skin and dissolves small particles formed as a result of processing the file.



пилка для кутикулы Shere&NagelHigh price professional nail files cuticle sometimes scares amatures home manicure. However, the experts say that the considerable cost of the saws is fully justified as high-quality tools allow you to achieve the desired result quickly and effectively.

From the usual nail files these nail files are distinguished primarily by the form. Secure the edges of the saws allow you to minimize the risk of injury to the nail plate and the appearance of the grooves.

The most well-known brand – Shere&Nagel. These files are characterized by a patented crystalline coating. It is created using microcapillary and is very resistant to abrasion. Thus, nail files cuticle this company are very durable, they can be used both at home and in salons. From budget brands such as popular saws from Solinberg – lightweight, durable and safe.

Nail files with laser coating are more affordable, but equally durable. These nail files are offered by many companies. Low weight combined with high strength tool – a saw blade can withstand up to 10 years of use.

The so-called crystal nail files are too long. They do not damage your nails and effectively remove rough skin.

Many companies offer entire collections of nail files for a coarse and a more delicate polishing of the cuticle. Nail files with coarse surface is ideal in that case, if the skin around the nail is severely hardened. And for putting the final gloss is to take a nail file for delicate polishing. Some saws can also be used to give smoothness to the nail plate without damage.

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