форма ногтей 2014Manicure can be elegant or catchy, and it depends not only on color varnish or picture, but also on the shape of the nail plate, which attracts attention. Nail form 2014 will not pass unnoticed, appreciate fashionista, which monitor trends in nail industry, changing just as the trends in clothes and makeup. What form to choose, depends on personal preference. Do not blindly follow the newfangled trends, sacrificing their comfort and resorting to copy someone’s beautiful bright hands.

Types nail design so diverse in 2014 that they are better able to deal with different forms of nail plate. Be sure that the choice in favor of one or another style nail art, you don’t have to argue with them and go on about the trends. In the lists of variants of nail design will be the version that go well with invisible classic oval and sharp form resembling a cat’s claws or returning stylish «shovel».


Elongated pointed oval

Oval nails always been considered a universal solution for manicure, especially for business, requiring first appearance. But oval, oval strife, as it turned out, and not always this form so modest and innocent in his fashionable incarnation. In 2014 very trendy nail shape steel oval plate that look incredibly sexy at the expense of their elongation. If a short oval nails, the ends slightly move the tip of your finger, then a new oval looks immodest, is closer by the degree of expressiveness to aggressive claws.

Of the nails perfectly placed figures, it seems that the form is contrary to the artless applying the same color varnish, demanding fireworks imagination. If there is the desire of a few to calm such a form, choose the accent dark varnishes, such as red, dark blue, black, chocolate. They will not allow spectacular shaped nails to get lost for a uniform shade, underlining the unique character and style of manicure.


Style squared

Square or rectangular nails is also not considered a novelty, but in 2014, the girls have the opportunity to choose the extent of the facilities in this fashion square.

So as not to lose their relevance the pictures on the nails, which are applied by means of existing labels, stickers, remain popular relatively short rectangular nails on which they look most effectively at low labor costs for this manicure. Wearing such nails is very convenient. For those who don’t want to limit yourself in length, there are ultra-long rectangular nails, whose corners as if deliberately underlined and emphasised.

Depending on the selected type of manicure, adronnogo lacquer, fine picture, geometric prints of the nails of such form and length can look as sexy and feminine, for example, at the wedding, and aggressive. For the realization of the first style is desirable to use pastel shades varnish, classic French tones, Golden decor. If you are going for a theme party, on vacation or at any event where you want to draw attention to their nails, select build-up on the wide rectangular tips that you can imaginatively decorated. Suitable stylish floral arrangement or ethnic figure, in which the shape of nails plays an important stylistic role.


Stilettos – decoration is not for the faint of heart

Sharp like a cat, frightening for some people, sexual others. You can find many more adjectives to describe this form of nails. The stilettos called sharpened nails, and they do not submit their position, happened to be in the spotlight in the past seasons. This form of nail plate can be considered more bold version first described oval and slightly pointed nails. In contrast, suffering and gaudy pictures, complex compositions, sharp claws require special treatment.

Often wizard nail design I propose to focus on this tip, highlighting it with contrasting colour varnish, by securing for it a sticker with metallic effect, decorating a scattering of small crystals or shining dust. If you do not want to overload this form of nail design, decorate only the tip. Leaving the stress zone colorless.

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