Onychomycosis, a fungal nail, you receive as a result of infection, fungal infection. Infection can occur in the family through footwear, a towel. But the most likely risk of infection occurs in public showers, baths, saunas, gyms, fitness equipment, swimming pools.

Women are much easier to take early precautions to infection, as handbags contain a lot of useful all sorts of trifles. Among them there may be a special cream, ointment, lacquer against the fungus.
Грибок ногтей – живучая инфекция3
With the spread of infection, nail usually changes color thickens, even crumble. You should not delay the treatment, you should consult a professional.

Previously, all the fungus treatment was to remove the affected nail. This procedure is not always yielded positive results, as the new nail could grow, already infected with onychomycosis. Now this method is used only when a very neglected forms.

Since ancient times has been preserved recipes healing compounds for the treatment of infections, containing milk and salicylic acid, vinegar, sulfur, iodine. Treatment sometimes lasted more than a year. But modern methods capable of destroying infection in a few days. Improve and they state, and the appearance of the nail.

The most recently developed drugs are especially good that active steps for fungus significantly increased, and the drug for much longer is the nail plates. This greatly reduces the course of treatment, even at a very advanced form, usually no more than 4 months.
Грибок ногтей – живучая инфекция
Modern drugs are presented in 2 types. This internal use, in the form of capsules and tablets; and preparations for local purposes, presents patches and lipsticks.

The treatment regimen as well as the drug is selected by physician individually, depending on the degree of infection.

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