Ногтевой грибок – распространенное заболевание фото | Ногтевой грибок – распространенное заболевание

Nail fungus is a common disease

Nail fungus or onychomycosis is one of the most common in our century of infections. According to statistics, this disease is found in every tenth adult, and among those over seventy, onychomycosis happens every second.

Most often, nail fungus occurs on the legs. To cope with this disease, you need help from a professional dermatologist. Under his supervision, to cope with onychomycosis can even at home.


Doctors agree that local treatment will give the result only if the fungus affected no more than three of the nail plates and not more than one third. In other cases, it is recommended that combination therapy, which, in addition to local treatment includes receiving antimycotic funds. The recommended drugs include:

  1. Orungal“. This drug is prescribed twice a day, 200 ml of the Drug take a week, after doing a three-week break and then continue to receive a remedy.
  2. Activin“. Take medication for 3 months 250 mg

Despite the fact that these medicines are very effective, they are contra-indications. For example, such drugs are not recommended to prescribe for pregnant and nursing women, and people suffering from diseases of the kidneys and liver.

For local therapy is recommended to use the following medications:

Целебные ванночки – замечательное народное средство при лечении ногтевого грибка фото | Целебные ванночки – замечательное народное средство при лечении ногтевого грибка

Healing baths – wonderful folk remedy in the treatment of nail fungus

  • Loceryl“. This drug, manufactured in the form of nail Polish, effective against most pathogenic fungi. This tool is absolutely safe: no side effects.
  • Lamisil“. Available in the form of ointment or spray. The drug is primarily aimed at combating fungal stop the source of diseases of the nail plates.
  • Ectodermal“. The drug is available in the form of a medicinal solution and ointment. Treatment of nail fungus with this medications can last from 3 to 5 months (it depends on the stage of the disease).
  • Miksan“. This drug is an innovative product made on the basis of rye. Its use gives a stunning result.
  • Terbinafine“. The duration of treatment fungal infections of the nails with this drug varies from 2.5 to 5 weeks.

Of course, to pick up the drugs, and to prescribe the dosage and duration of treatment should only by a qualified technician. Self-treatment may aggravate the situation.

Folk remedies

For those who prefer to fight various ailments with folk remedies, it is helpful to know that among natural “drugs” there are those that effectively cope with onychomycosis. Remarkable results are obtained by using the following methods:

  1. Mountain ash. Recommend to take a few fresh berries, grind them into a paste and then apply this mashed affected by fungus on the nail plate. Keep healing mass about an hour. Such procedures should be done 3-5 weeks.
  2. Baths with natural vinegar. For their preparation in a glass of vinegar take 3 cups of hot water. In this solution, immerse your feet for 17-20 minutes (this procedure is best done at night), and then rinsed with pure water and cover with a nourishing cream. Already after 2-3 procedures affected by fungus nail plate will begin to flake off (they should be carefully removed with a wooden stick).
  3. Kombucha. This natural remedy is perfectly copes with onychomycosis at any stage. The treatment is as follows: a small piece of Kombucha is applied to the damaged nail plate, top, wrap with plastic wrap and leave “compress” for the night. In the morning the softened nail plate carefully removed. If necessary the procedure can be repeated 2-3 times.
  4. Smoke. The essence of this procedure: a small piece of cotton cloth rolled into a tube (its thickness should be used with the index finger and the length of 9-10 cm). This tube is ignited and wait until you burn approximately 4 cm, and then stewed. This acrid smoke, fumigate damaged by fungus of the nail plate. Sometimes enough 7-8 procedures in order to get rid of the disease.
  5. The juice of celandine. Celandine mince, then from the resulting mass wring out the juice. This juice smeared damaged nails, and the rest of the tool is placed in a glass container and leave in a dark place. This tool is recommended to apply to the nails twice-three times a day (this can be done using a cotton swab). This treatment lasts from 3 to 5 weeks, so don’t expect lightning-fast results.

It is important to remember that even the most effective folk remedy is not without side-effects, so before you start treatment, you should consult with your doctor.

Prevention is the best cure for nail fungus

Of course, to fully protect yourself from contact with damaging the nail plate fungus is unlikely, but not getting onychomycosis is quite possible. It’s real, if you adhere to the following rules:

  1. Should sufficient rest and avoid excessive stress because it reduces the immune system and makes the body susceptible to diseases.
  2. Do not abuse purity: antiseptic soap kills the normal microflora, causing fungi begin to rapidly multiply. In General, a fungal infection of the nail plates is a disease of fishy.
  3. To choose and only need to wear comfortable shoes: it does not RUB, and legs breathe in it.

Timely detection of fungal diseases will help as quickly as possible to cope with onychomycosis.


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