After many procedures and applications of the lacquer may deteriorate the condition of nail plates, and finally to steal the beauty of nail fungus can become infected which can be in the beauty salon. If not immediately rush to treat the nail fungus to completely cure is very difficult, naturally, to solve the problem immediately not happen, as noticeable results will be seen as regrowth of nails.

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Before beginning treatment consult a physician, to diagnose problems, to not only treat the outside, but to eliminate the infection inside if it is.

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Causes of fungus on nails

Ugly and sick-looking nail can be exhausting from the nail plate procedures. Symptoms: yellowness after the Polish remover, the nails, brittle nails to grow. For treatment, it is necessary to take vitamins and apply a strengthening nail coating, also can be done to strengthen nails and baths.

Nail fungus is similar symptoms at first with a simple mineral deficiency, but after some time, damaged by fungus, the nails begin to be thicker than usual and crumble, while the nail plate, a yellowish-brown color. The reason can be:

— Reduced immunity;
— Sweating of the feet and hands;
— Long-term use of certain drugs,
— Diabetes, especially in people of retirement age;
— Injuries of the nails, not the right shoes.
— Lower vascular insufficiency;
— Eczema.

Infected possible in the salon, especially if he has a bad reputation and the manicurist cut you when cleaning the cuticle, and you have reduced immunity.

Treatment of nail fungus

Treatment of damaged nail fungus is very difficult, especially if the nail plate is damaged more than half. If you rush immediately, it is possible treatment at home and without the use of special therapy and treatment to doctors.

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To determine what kind of mold should be treated after diagnosis, which needs to conduct a dermatologist, in any case, to treat the problem is only external does not work, because the infection in the blood, it is necessary to withdraw. Also do not forget about maintaining immunity drugs and complex vitamins. To maintain the condition will help personal care and termination of visiting such public places like sauna, swimming pool, nail salons with questionable reputation.

Folk tips and treatment for nail fungus

In addition to medical treatment, successful in the treatment of nail fungus manifests itself in folk medicine, namely, baths for nails.
Before beginning these procedures, it is best to first steam the nails, so that the active ingredients better penetrate.
There are several good treating nail fungus resources:

— Tar soap that lather on the sore nails;
— Baths with potassium permanganate;
— Processing of the nail plate with iodine.

To cure the fungus is difficult, but possible!

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