Not all women can boast that they have beautiful nails that don’t flake or break. And to have a nice manicure really want. In this case, the special shops where you can not only increase the nails to the length you like, and decorate them with sophisticated design.

Наращивание ногтей

The most popular are treatments nail extensions gel or acrylic. Capacity gel makes nails strong and elastic. When this procedure is applied to the nails with a special gel, which under the action of ultraviolet light hardens. This procedure is repeated several times. After the last layer, the nail shape that is pleasing to the client. The finished nails can do any nail design, even very complex. The whole procedure takes about two or three hours. Such nails can please their mistress to four months. But to remove them should only be a specialist. After all, they must be carefully cut from the surface of the nail.

Наращивание ногтей – способ стать обладательницей отличного маникюра

Nail acrylic should be done by a professional. For this procedure use the acrylic powder, mixed with a special liquid — air the mixture dries quickly. Therefore, to obtain quality work, you need to perform it as soon as possible. Removed the acrylic is easy – with a special solvent. The design of these nails can be anything.

Наращивание ногтей: мода или необходимость3

At carrying out of building, on the nails impose foreign material. Because this is disruptive aeration, metabolism and nutrition of the nail plate. Therefore, there may be breakage and dryness, and thinning or thickening of the nails. To avoid such unpleasant moments, the nails sometimes you need to rest. After two or three weeks you need to perform correction of nails. Daily use special oil, air conditioning cuticle. Polish remover do not use liquids containing acetone.

Наращивание ногтей: эталон долговечной красоты

Make your nails look attractive, they have to regularly care. All the housework to be done with gloves on — it will give opportunity to protect your hands from household chemicals. You need to constantly take vitamins, calcium in combination with vitamin B. to massage and nutrition cuticles. Very useful well as a variety of baths for hands and nails.

Наращивание ногтей в домашних условиях

To hands was well kept, no need to skimp on the services of a wizard. Only a good specialist will perform the nail and the design perfectly, using only quality materials.

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