Fashion nail. Disputes about it last for more than one year. And despite the criticism of fashion experts, the popularity of this procedure does not fall. On the contrary, it is becoming more common and affordable . A great number of women using the services of masters on the nail. And now the anxiety begin to beat the doctors. Reasons for concern, the increase in the number of cases of malignant tumours of the hands of a lover of artificial nails. Numerous studies conducted in this area, one of the possible reasons is called the negative effects of UV radiation on the skin. As you know, the UV lamps are widely used in nail salons for drying acrylic and gel.
Наращивание ногтей вредит вашему здоровью.
Not all salons to acquire this expensive equipment, with a good security system. Most masters adopts a cheap Chinese devices, the degree of protection which can be questioned.
Наращивание ногтей вредит вашему здоровью.1
The question arises, what to do in cases where you may not opt out of the nail. If this procedure was necessary for you. It is necessary to minimize the harmful effects of ultraviolet light and protect the skin from exposure. Fortunately there is a wide variety of creams and gels with UV filters. Apply lancaster sunscreenon your hands, cuticles and nails. After 20 minutes, you can start the process on the nail. After that, the skin needs maximum recovery. Suitable for this purpose all means available. Ranging from warm baths with olive oil and vitamins, to special drugs and creams. And then the skin of your hands will Shine and pleasing to the eye.

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