Every woman wants to boast a perfect manicure. When this occupation ladies doesn’t make any difference: it can implement roses wholesale in Moscow or be a housewife, but in any case, her hands should be well-groomed. Therefore, some ladies prefer to build artificial nails. After removal of this natural cover plate is injured and needs treatment, which can be done at home.

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To restore the affected claws will help berry mixture containing fruit acids. For example, you can grind the strawberry puree and RUB it into the phalanx, and in a quarter of an hour to wash off. Also suitable homogeneous mass of egg yolk, banana and vegetable oil.

Healing nail microcracks contributes gelatin. It should be diluted in water and spread on the surface, and after some time wash. Also useful for hands vitamins a and E.

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You can immerse hands in a cocktail of olive oil, a few drops of iodine, citrus juice and vitamin E. in Addition, has a positive effect solution, which consists of a teaspoon of sea salt and a glass of warm water. This procedure is recommended to do three times a week.

Conventional liquid that remains after cooking potatoes also have a refreshing effect. Brush dip into it for about 10 minutes, then rinse and cuticles with a nourishing cream.

If treatment is required, you can use coconut paste, which is very easy to prepare. To do this, take a tablespoon of coconut oil, glycerin and lemon juice. All components are thoroughly mixed and applied to the damaged areas.

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Several sessions of restorative treatments and nails again it is possible to cover the material and to draw on them for anything, even roses Moscow wholesale and retail also presents women remedies for plates factory production of well-known brands. You can try as diversity.

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