Hands is a visit card for every person. They are always in sight, it is a beautiful and well-groomed hands are evidence of the careful attitude to own image.

Any woman seeks to ensure that the nails on her hands and feet looked neat. Of course, to show care and you can own, some people are able to care of your hands is not worse than do the master in the salon. In order to achieve the best results, you can visit and specialty stores, which employ highly skilled masters. They are able to provide the full range of necessary services for care, recovery and transformation of nails. The list of such institutions is included and beauty “Etna”.
Ногтевой сервис, как произведение искусства2
When nail care, attention should be paid to the cuticle, processing, modeling and increasing the nail plate and nail-art.
Today the industry is offering a huge selection of methods of design and materials to implement the plans. The result is directly dependent on the skill and imagination. Now nail and care for them is a work of art. Even art painting is performed with a use of varnish or paint on water basis.

Manicure, and pedicure, should be carried out in clean conditions using sterile instruments. This paragraph is the most important in conducting any type of work, so it is necessary to pay attention first of all.
Ногтевой сервис, как произведение искусства3
Qualitatively done work on nail care will be fun for a long time, the owner or the owner treated nails can enjoy them and proudly show them by outsiders. Nail service allows to recover confidence and manipulations carried out by many massage of sensitive points of the feet and hands.

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