Today almost all women want to look well-groomed and beautiful. Help them in their diets, sports clubs, specialists in the field of cosmetology and folk remedies. And one of the most popular procedures in the beauty salons is caring and design of nails.
As a rule, the majority of beauty salons offer our clients a range of services ranging from manicures and pedicures to sophisticated treatments for face and body. How to care for your hair, How to make eyebrows dense, what manicure in fashion today – all these questions help to answer at the beauty salon.
Ногтевой сервис: как выбрать мастера
But how to choose professionals for the care of nails? Don’t they say that a real woman is seen on manicure. to the master of manicure usually must meet the following requirements:

- professionalism, which means the presence of certificates of completion of the relevant courses. In addition, any person should aspire to self-development and improvement in your area, so another indicator of competence of the wizard will be the availability of additional certificates and awards and diplomas courses;

- portfolio with their own works. In nail salons are, as a rule, stands with exposed samples of drawings and design decisions particular wizard;

- the workplace. Professional masters on manicure and nail appreciate their working tools and materials, therefore, do not allow negligent storage equipment;

- ability to work with customers, which includes not only to provide qualitative services but also psychological contact with the client, ability to find an individual approach.
Ногтевой сервис: как выбрать мастера3
In addition, it is recommended to choose masters on manicure and nail extensions and recommendations of acquaintances – after all, so it is possible not only to assess the result of the work, but also to receive feedback about the wizard.

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