Fashion changes with every season. Nail service in this case is no exception. If until recently the abundance of crystals, foil and glitter on the nails was considered natural, this is a sign of bad taste. In the trend of naturalism, and fashion design nail perfectly reflects the relevance of this trend.
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If the nails are made correctly, and most importantly – stylish, the involvement of their owner to follow the fashion trends are undeniable. The color and style of the nails can buy tippet, select accessories or get a haircut. The main thing is that the image was classy, and as in this case to dispense with beautiful manicure?

Modern trends

If we talk about natural manicure, relevant and natural areas. The shape of the nails can be almond-shaped, oval, or slightly sharpened under the rectangle. The length is small. The free edge of the nail plate may be 1-3 mm nail Colour – shades of Nude. Beige, pale pink and ivory is something that is on your nails this season.
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Of course, in fashion will always remain a classic. One of the winning outcomes remains red nail Polish. Form manicure it is desirable should be almond-shaped. Length is still small.

As for the nail, the trends remain the same. French manicure is not their positions. But, look it should be possible naturally. Let this effect and will cost a little more. Also topical gel and acrylic manicure, which closely resembles natural. It can be varnished as well as their natural nails.
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That is, if the nail plate accrued by artificial means, it is not necessary to demonstrate that was done more recently.

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