Not everyone can have beautiful nails. But if you want certain features, they can grow. This applies to a Biogel.
For healthy nails and if you have the whitening, the body needs vitamin D, which increases the level of calcium and phosphorus. As a teeth whitening procedure still requires further special care of the oral cavity.
Ногти - украшение женщины
The nail is very popular among women who want to look good. If nails are brittle or want something unusual, then nail solves this problem.
Ногти - украшение женщины2
Biogel is a new trend in nail care. He not only nails the form, but also has useful properties. Natural nail formation of a gel plate, capable of a long service. The natural nail is not damaged.

Biogel, which is used for nail extension is hypoallergenic means. The protein it contains nourishes and strengthens nails.
Procedure when this tool is applied and removed by an experienced technician, completely painless. Under ultraviolet light lacquer to be compatible with the nail Polish dries in a few minutes. Extended nails if done by an experienced master who will not look defiantly.
Ногти - украшение женщины3
Certain rules for the care of extended nails include:

1. In the first days after the procedure should be carefully nails.
2. Varnish remover should not be used acetone containing means
3. For maintenance it is recommended to use special files
4. Do not lift heavy objects
5. Try to avoid sudden temperature changes
6. Use household cleaning products better rubber gloves

The nail is an ornament of any woman. Proper care and respect will keep them beautiful and attractive for a long time.

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