Beautiful hands attract the eye of not less than the face. Today, even problematic nails, you can make a beautiful and graceful, if you use the latest opportunities for simulation.

Among the many techniques manicure nail enjoys the greatest popularity. It not only gives the hands of a well-groomed appearance, but also provides a wide scope for self-expression.
Наращивание ногтей: эталон долговечной красоты3
The advantages of the building are not reduced to a simple extension of the nail plates. It is an art to be able to improve not too good form nail, to disguise all sorts of defects, visually correct the curvature of the fingers and even to strengthen the weak nails, “feed” their vitamins. Such nails strong, smooth surface not clinging clothes, lacquer holds a very long time, as artificial surface is completely clean and dry, does not emit fat and moisture.

Before your nails, it is important to ensure that the nail and cuticle is not damaged. Information about the body as a whole – medication acute conditions, the presence of chronic problems – will help the wizard to choose the right materials.
Наращивание ногтей: эталон долговечной красоты
To make it durable, it is worth considering the following:

- in the first hours after the building nails is very vulnerable to shock and temperature changes;
– lacquer can be removed only special means, household chemical goods, containing acetone harmful to artificial nails;
even such strong material will not withstand excessive mechanical stress, for correction same form nail requires special tools;
– all issues related to the hands and nails are kindly requested to discuss with the master – whether it is about the cuticle care, using creams and oils, preventing fragility of nails for the sauna and baths or other issues;
– timely correction allows you to extend the nail life, saves time and money on hand care.

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