What brands would follow fashion nail trends spring summer 2015 season?

Only recently passed February 14, and on the nose of expensive women’s already a new day – March 8. Of course, to make the mood festive and want due to the onset of spring, which now pleases us warm sun rays. Together with nature transformed and girls, dissolving, like the first flowers. Many people want to update your home comfort, choosing lampshades to order. Such changes can improve your mood, except that in the morning, but to feel like a real woman can only do something for themselves.

Маникюрным тенденции 2

With changing seasons, changing clothes, and that means your manicure. Replaced the deep, dark shades come in light and bright colors. In the new season fashionable shades taken pink lucky. This color is great for nails of any length and shape. And most importantly he will not hurt any business or evening to open up fully and show the true femininity and the spring tenderness. The new Vernis collection from Dior has pleased fashionistas more bright and positive variants of pink. Among them, saturated Glory close to the coral, and soft lilac Lady, and peach-pink Majesty.

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Dolce&Gabbana this season has added to its range of more vibrant and saturated colors, of course, without departing from the General “pink” trends. Also some updates to the new design of the bottle, preventing runoff and provide maximum control during application. But to ignore all fashion trends, decided the company Givenchy, releasing a new Le Vernis. Acid pink and yellow is a great option for 100% bright mood. At first glance these colors can fall in love. The manicure certainly has imagination. After all, with such colors it is best to experiment with textures, for example, to create a velvet or felt nails, and create geometric patterns, emphasizing the features of the service. But for everyday use it is best to get a range of Burberry from three options, pink and blue. In addition to the deep color and drying for 2 minutes, the varnish of this series will serve as a reinforcing means for the nail. Warm season 2015 is sure to delight those around simple and fun nail Polish colors and allow to rest from the intricate and sometimes excessively priukrasheny techniques.

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