Nails – the main element of care. Indeed, judging only on them, you can determine how a girl sees and cares and does it at all. Nails should always be neat and beautiful. It is not necessary to refer to specialists and to spend a considerable amount of money.

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Ногти - предмет гордости для девушки
How to lead your nails in good condition?

First, you need to bring them to a common denominator: they must be the same length and shape. This procedure is very suitable standard manicure scissors.
Ногти - предмет гордости для девушки2
Secondly, there should be no burrs. The skin around the nails should be smooth and even. Cut them you need time. You can use special tongs, but if none, then you can do a regular manicure scissors.

Thirdly, it is unacceptable to walk with ableplanet varnish. Better tint of nagataki than to scare people away so careless attitudes.
When nail care in addition to the usual color nail Polish you can use strengthening, transparent varnishes, so the nails will have a shiny appearance and at the same time look very natural. And another plus, this lacquer will actually strengthen them. You can also use a special oil that will soften the skin around the nail, cuticle and saturate the nail useful properties.
Ногти - предмет гордости для девушки4
Nagataki can be a source of pride for the girls, and Vice versa. You should not neglect them, because they and hands can give the true state of health of the girl.

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