There are cases when women try to hide negligence their nails fussy movements. In everyday life, it is at least unpleasant, and at work to appear in this form is simply unacceptable, especially if we are talking about office work.
Ногти тоже ходят на работу – правила этикета для ногтей

The choice of nail shapes and colors of lacquer are also linked. So, in short nogatco rounded look more beautiful lucky pastel tones, as long nails can easily show off lucky brighter colors. But there is a line beyond which you cannot go: at work, you cannot appear with a bright manicure, decorated with colorful designs and shiny rhinestones. Although acute and long nails beautiful and sexy, but they are uncomfortable when rabotaeshi you work in the stylish office, where there are PVC stretch ceilings rates, as well as furniture, you definitely need to look proper, and to keep the “brand”

Well-groomed hands, is not only a beautiful manicure, but healthy skin – they require care all year round with the use of moisturizers and nourishing creams. Nails also need care and rest. Once a week you need to take a bath with sea salt, olive oil or iodine. Then you need to grease your hands and nails with a fat cream.

Ногти тоже ходят на работу – правила этикета для ногтей3
Care for your hands and nails abound, but the beauty of it, primarily health, so you should pay attention and proper nutrition. In the diet, primarily, should be added to fresh fruit and vegetables, which will provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals. And don’t forget about nuts, seeds, dried fruit and seafood.
So, manicured hands, nails and proper manicure can become your “business card”.

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