Nails – is the “face” of the person. No wonder classic said: “being a sensible human being and think about the beauty of nails”. In appearance hands, nails can have an idea about their owner.

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Concern about the beauty need to start with. Take care of your hands better than just a home, it is the strength to every woman. You need to follow some rules to care for this body part, and the result will not keep itself waiting. Wash hands better with room temperature water, as hot and cold water are bad for the skin. Wash hands better soap – his skin is more gentle. Every time you need to wipe your hands after exposure to water. To clean, Laundry is better in special gloves to avoid the effects of chemicals on hand. Every day hands are lubricated with a nourishing cream. It is useful to arrange your hands in a bath, masks. It makes the skin soft, supple.
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The nails also require constant attention. The condition of nails indicates the overall health of the person. Pink color, gloss, no peel says about healthy nails. For “power on” nails need to smear them with creams containing nutrients. Massage also strengthens the nails, improves appearance. You need a proper diet containing vitamins, minerals.

Every few days the manicure is done. The first is the bath with the addition of soap or special tools. It softens the skin around the nail. Then the tools for manicure the cuticles (the skin around the nail plate). Nail file is attached to the correct form of the nail. Then applied on the nail varnish. The varnish must not contain acetone, which dries the plate, thinning it.
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A very important part of our body – legs. They are no less than the hand require care. Here are a few rules. Every day the feet are cleaned with a pumice stone, cream — scrub for removing hard skin. Do massage of feet with cream. Useful little foot baths with herbs, essential oils, also good fatigue bath with addition of salt, especially sea, useful contrast baths. Also make masks for the feet — a potato, cabbage.
Золотой маникюр
Caring for toenails includes a pedicure. First in warm water steams the skin around the nail. Then the nails are lubricated with cream. Removed Horny layer of the skin with the feet, fingers. Also removed a layer of skin around the nail. Cut and rasp the nails.
Apply to the nail Polish.

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