ногти стилетыWell – groomed nails are an absolute necessity for women of any age, as it is believed that they reveal the basic characteristics of a person. All this, naturally, led to the development of various styles of nail art, which will not only help make the hand more beautiful, but also to emphasize the personal qualities of the owner.

Today, long and sharp nails stilettos can be seen on anyone, from the famous pop divas Beyonce and Lana del ray to local ladies Natasha. The impression is that the nails stilettos – modern trend that has seized salons, fashion magazines and red carpets film festivals. The appearance of the nails стилетов we must Rita Хэфйворт. In 1940 she first appeared in public with painted cherry red lacquer long nails, the tips of which were dramatically sharpened. Such variation manicure unnoticed and almost immediately turned into a super fashionable trend.

In the 1940’s many star pin-up worn by just such a manicure. Modern celebrity nails gave стилетам very extreme way, today, the length of these nails often simply «rolls over», but all these variations in varying degrees based on the classic, as it is paradoxical sounds, manicure 40-s of the last century.

Do such long sharp nails exclusively the prerogative of celebrities and movie stars? No, no and no again. Of course, not every fashion trend fits into the everyday life of an ordinary woman, but to the nails стилетам is not the case.


Informed decision

But before going on manicure in dear beauty, think carefully and weigh all «for» and «against».

  • Don’t forget about practicality. If you have small children, or you often and much has to be printed on the keyboard, nails inches long hardly suitable for you.
  • For starters, try to do nails oval shape with rounded tips, and then, if you so desire, taper the ends, as you would like.
  • Start with a small length. Even if you already increased from acrylic nails, don’t make them too long. Very often, not used to the length and form of the new nail, women injure the nail, doing some homework. Such trauma causes damage to the natural nail plate, and in some cases, the correction is impossible, and nails will be removed until the healing of her native nail.
  • Peculiarities of the process of building nails стилетов, its cost, as well as all details of design and shape nail discuss with the master in advance. If you want to have your nails were rounded ends, to convince the wizard do things the way you want, even if квадрантная form at the height of fashion and «now all wear». Just in case the beauty you can bring a photo pleasing designs and nails to show his master, in this case it will not have a chance to say that you misunderstood.

Increase your nails stilettos better in a beauty salon, but this you can do at home, if you have certain skills, materials and, of course, desire. If you have never done this before, hardly the first time you do it in the nice and accurate nail, but, in the creation of artificial nails, as well as in any other case, a good result helps to practice and diligence.


You need to know about nails-стилетах

When creating стилетов in polishing the nails become a peaked shape, and allows you to make them look sharp claws. But to create such a form, you need to have long nails, so most women resort to the use of artificially extended nails. In the majority for this суперстильной and extraordinary form apply gel build-up. The longer will be the nails, especially for spicy and sexual will be made effect, so a lover very long nails this style can be very useful.

These pointed nails usually combined with exquisite hand-painted, the so-called Russian design, which increases the effect of sharpness form. To implement such a design in life, you need talent and skills, so you should turn to a professional in the field of nail. Salons offer a huge selection of superb drawings, as well as the feasibility of the own sketch on the nails. Keep in mind that not every nail technician is able to create such a piece of art, so it’s best to find an experienced and trusted specialist, because sometimes you only after several attempts.

Flowers, glitters, lace, acrylic rhinestones is just a small part of the combinations that you can use about creation of the «Russians» nail. In the submitted designs were used special acrylic paints put professional brushes for nail art, after which the figure was dealt a final layer of varnish or gel, depending on the extension technique).

Nails-stilettos contribute to the image of radical changes and, of course, are not suitable for each. Girl of the post-Soviet classical style, definitely do not do such experiments, whereas modern lover, piquant and unique style these nails taste.


How to make nails-stilettos yourself

To create a nail стилетов you can use the usual false nails, if the result is far from perfect, you can easily get rid of them or just withdraw whenever you want to.

You also need to nail gel with UV-filter, although a basic form can be done by acrylic.

  • Step 1: attach the artificial nail on the prepared nail plate. A good Polish and degrease your own nail, and then mount the artificial.
  • Step 2: now attach form, which will be the basis of a long pointed end of the nail stiletto. This lining should come at the end of the artificial nail, and her sides must be parallel to each other and well straightened. Unfortunately, use the pad is not so easy, so there will have to sweat a little. In order to get the form of stiletto, connect the ends of the lining and make sure that the surface has a rounded shape.
  • Step 3: design created apply a thin layer of gel, gel should be covering and artificial nail and the attached pad. Secure the gel. Once the gel stood and remove the cover plate (not to much pressure on the nail, start with tip). Jagged edge gently file the nail file.
  • Step 4: apply color gel, here everything depends on your imagination and availability of flowers. For example, from the base of the nail can be set to black, gradually turning in the purple, and the tip make white in the style of a French manicure.
  • Step 5: add color, sheen, lace in General, all you want to. Now your nail is a canvas on which you can draw any picture.
  • Step 6: Once the gel has dried, apply on top of this entire picture layer of transparent gel, paying special attention to the zones of high pressure and the Central part of the nail.
  • Step 7: sand and sand nails, giving them the desired shape.
  • Step 8: apply syler and dry.

Evaluate the result. Of course, the first pancake is often lumpy, but if you live thirst for creativity and the desire to show themselves in the field of nail design then try to do nails-stilettos themselves.


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