Why do we need fingernails? They stayed with us from our ancestors, through evolution as it transformed itself from the claws. Before we needed claws for rough manual work. They protect the skin on their fingertips, before they helped to seize prey or to tear them apart. Now the nails still protect your fingers, but do not enjoy the same dimensions as earlier and women are more likely decorative value, now girls in every way they decorate.

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The structure of the nails

They are composed of keratin (protein), the building material of the human body. Nail even on difficult to call, but he has a very interesting structure. There is even a science that studies the nails — Oncology. The nail consists of the matrix (nail root), the body of the nail and free edge. But there are still many elements for its normal growth.

The nail is a derivative of our skin and hair. The nail is surrounded by many different structures, and each has its purpose: Cuticle (protecting the growth zone of the nail from contact with her party bacteria), side bolsters (to protect the sides of the nail) is a skin lesions around the nail which dries, peel it and give the beginning of the burrs.

Nail care requires daily

Too long, grown a free edge should soak in a warm bath and cut manicure scissors, manicure nail file to smooth out the bumps and to give form. Every time we wash our hands, we should not forget about the nails, wash under the nails to prevent infection of nail fungus.

Diseases of the nails

There are many different diseases of the nail plate. Them is caused by bacteria that has accumulated under the nail plate and between the cushion and body of the nail. Bacteria in for an extended stay in the warmth and nutrients contained in our skin, starts to grow, when striking a nail. Fungal disease is one of the most unpleasant skin and nail diseases.

The symptoms of such infections is the rejection of the nail plate from the skin of the finger, itching, discomfort. The manifestation of such symptoms should consult a doctor dermatologist or independently take a course of antifungal drugs.

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