натуральная косметикаWhat is natural cosmetics? Why it is so popular, what are its advantages and does it have flaws? Natural cosmetics is so called because in the manufacture of cosmetics of this group are not used chemicals and pesticides, besides the production process is designed in an ecologically clean way without emission of toxins and other harmful substances into the environment.

With the growing popularity of natural cosmetics increasingly debate about its real advantages over the usual cosmetics, which we all are accustomed. Perhaps, natural cosmetics – just another hobby of mankind, which will soon pass, but deny that the organics in cosmetic products in varying degrees, useful for health and beauty of our skin deny, however.

Actually natural cosmetics cannot be called an absolute innovation in the world of skin care products and hair care, but lately about organics say more and more popularity and natural cosmetic products increased significantly. Manufacturers of natural cosmetics claim that means on an organic basis revitalize and restore the skin and give it a fresh and youthful appearance, organics always opposed to the usual synthetic cosmetics, say, the latter much less effective in the care and rehabilitation of the skin. Natural cosmetics do not contain synthetic ingredients, it is composed exclusively of natural ingredients, but at the same time, some of the components of natural cosmetics are presented in the most usual cosmetics.


Advantages of natural cosmetics

Manufacturers of natural cosmetics have positioned its products as «clean» funds, having in mind the fact that they do not contain dyes, preservatives and synthetic substances. On this peculiarity of organic formulas based the claim that natural cosmetics improves colour, structure and appearance of the skin. If you suffer from allergic reactions, perhaps, natural cosmetics, exactly what you need, as often cause allergies synthetic compounds, preservatives and dyes that are abundant in our usual cosmetics.


The advantages of the conventional cosmetics

Opponents of natural cosmetics argue that organics are no better than the usual cosmetics. In the composition of natural cosmetics is zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and mica, these same ingredients and the most usual cosmetics. Doctors, dermatologists and makeup artists in the majority agree that the word «natural» in this case looks like a marketing gimmick, encouraging people to buy more expensive cosmetics.


Disputes and opinions

натуральная косметикаAt present, experts really do not emit significant difference between the action of natural and usual cosmetics. On the composition of many of their means both «camps» are almost identical, but the genuine product version is more expensive.

There is an opinion that natural cosmetics more natural looks on the skin, with a maximum improves its appearance, the really significant difference. Inflated price – not the last factor to consider when purchasing cosmetics, justify choosing organic is possible only in cases of Allergy, contained in the usual cosmetics ingredients. The departments of organic cosmetics can be found in pharmacies and in large shopping centers, is to recognize that some of the phrase «natural cosmetics» has downright magical effect, people believe that if applied to the skin something natural and pure, the skin will look as fresh and natural. Actually in most cases is the same myth as the assertion that regular rubbing chocolate let them gain beautiful tan.

Natural cosmetics, undoubtedly, has the right to exist and many people she really fit, but on the other hand it doesn’t always better and preferable to the usual cosmetics.

натуральная косметикаUnfortunately, no organization of quality supervision cosmetic products not regulate or restrict the use of the label «natural» cosmetics. In fact, such a mark may stand on any packaging, regardless of the number of natural ingredients contained within it.

Many believe that natural cosmetics due to its naturalness is completely hypoallergenic. Whether so it? Our skin is made up of organic substances, and accordingly, the contact with the organic composition of cosmetic products must not cause an allergic reaction. Actually, this is not so. In the composition of natural products often include known allergens such as milk proteins, extracts nuts, various hoods or lanolin. Inorganic substances such as mica or talc mostly inert and to a lesser extent provoke allergic reactions. If you are allergic to strawberries, organic lip balm extract strawberry may trigger an Allergy, even labeled «hypoallergenic» on the packaging.

Many of the ingredients in natural cosmetics may cause irritation sensitive skin, so can behave lemon, eucalyptus and mint, which very often are a component of organic tonics and lotions. Poison ivy is also organic, but we understand perfectly well that after contact with this plant skin itching and redness.

The best indicator of the effectiveness and safety of cosmetics specified in plain view, where usually emblazoned mark «organics»and on the bottom or back of the packaging, where is the list of ingredients in cosmetic products.

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