Every woman wants to be beautiful and everyone wants to stay young as long as possible. Modern industry offers a variety of products for skin care products: creams, lotions, tonics, thermal water, serum, and other attributes that are designed to fight wrinkles and other aging changes. However, wishing to obtain the maximum possible profit, the manufacturer is trying to save on used components, replacing natural ingredients are synthetic.
Натуральная косметика, производство домашних кремов.3
Fortunately, in specialized shops have all the necessary ingredients to prepare a natural cream at home, right in the kitchen! Unlike industrial, it will contain nutrients ratio and the content of which can be controlled, depending on the needs of the skin at the moment. You can increase the power, you can increase the hydration.

Before cooking, be sure to check all components for allergic reactions. To apply, for example, essential oil elbow bend and wait a few hours.

Any cream consists of three main parts: basic (in bold) oil, water (broth, hydrolat or the infusion of herbs) and emulsifier. It may include moisturizing supplements, active components, cosmetic acid. The ingredients are fat-soluble or water-soluble and in the preparation is entered in the appropriate phase.
Натуральная косметика, производство домашних кремов.4,
All fat-soluble components are mixed in one tank, heated to the complete dissolution of solid components. Similarly, received and water-soluble. Then, the water part gradually, a thin stream into an oily phase with constant stirring mini mixer or, failing that, a glass rod.

When the cream has cooled a little, you can add essential oils and for active ingredients that do not withstand high temperatures.
In making homemade cosmetics there is nothing difficult, the main thing is to start!

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