Натуральные питательные маски для лицаIn addition to using masks commercial type purchased in stores or pharmacies, recommended the use of natural nourishing masks for face prepared himself from everyday household products.

Such natural mask will not worse clear and smooth the skin. And thanks to their frequent use, the skin will become net Matt appearance and more elasticity.

The duration of impact at all nutritious masks on average about twenty minutes.

Yeast mask

Fresh yeast warm up and mixed with milk, as a result, the mass of the population should be similar with sour cream. If the skin is dry, not hurt to add a few drops of honey and olive oil. Weight adjusted on the neck and face. Deleted warm water followed by rinsing more cool water.

Curd mask

Raw egg yolk carefully pounded with cottage cheese, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Should get a light weight, devoid of lumps. Using a mask, you can revive the skin and make it a little lighter. Moreover, it can be used quite often.

You can also grind cheese with honey, beat to a state of cream and apply to face, paying special attention to the skin area of the eye. To remove the use cold milk.

Honey masks

Honey is mixed with flour and egg white. For applying the mass use a flat brush. On the face is maintained until the mask completely not wither. After which it is deleted first hot water and then cold.

This mask has a nourishing and stimulating effect. Often resort to its use should not be. And if expanded skin vessels were contraindicated.

Potato nourishing mask

In a peel boiled large potatoes, cleaned and well warming up, added fresh milk and egg yolk. Puree that happened again is heated using a water bath. The skin is hot mixture and top face is covered by a dense fabric for long-term preservation of heat.

Mask from a potato will refreshing, nourishing effect on the skin, smoothes the wrinkled structure, and the skin will add softness and elasticity.

There is a huge variety of home nutrient masks. Is familiar with most of them and choose the most suitable options that can alternate, getting in the end, a stunning result.

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