естественный макияжTo look natural woman requires much more time and effort than when she wants to brightness. This axiom is well known as the ladies who every day, going to work, doing the makeup and professional make-up artists, regularly creates on the faces of famous women and models visibility lack of makeup. What is surprising – it is natural makeup is able to make a woman sexier, and not dramatic effect with enveloping the eyes mist or «cat» arrows.

Natural make-up is performed using shades that are most close to natural colors on the face. It’s all shades of brown and pastel pink with warm colours. Color shade also have the right to be in such make-up, but they must be in a pastel version and without a pearl or a metallic Shine. Natural makeup is universal – it is appropriate always, whether you go to work, to school, walking, date, or a theatrical premiere. Bright makeup requires a special reason and justification, natural, they are not needed.



To decorative cosmetics looked well and went smoothly, the person has to be prepared. This concerns not only the condition of the skin, which should be cleaned. If you don’t get enough sleep, you have bruises under eyes, and the proteins red, and developed inflamed eyelids, makeup, the more natural, the only draw attention to these shortcomings.

Wash your face with soft gel or foam, lightly coat the skin scrub, to awaken her, stimulating blood circulation and the emergence of natural blush on the cheeks.

To reduce under-eye puffiness and bruises under eyes apply ice or other ice compress to the ages of two to three minutes, then wait a little, until the skin отогреется and continue. Apply on face and neck skin moisturizer that can serve as the basis for camouflage. Wait until it is completely absorbed. Now you can apply the means of decorative cosmetics.



For everyday natural makeup, if you go to the office, it is better to use dry compact make-up products. Creamy or water texture convenient in application, but they are good for other cases, because create a shiny effect and can roll up in the folds of the skin. Modern compact eyeshadow have a pleasant silky texture, so apply and shade very easily. But lip you can stay on кремообразном brilliance, because it means the opposite looks very natural.

Mask imperfections light proofreader, shading it with his fingers. From top to wear liquid Foundation, for example, a light fluid. Face and neck skin usually differ in the shade, on the face of it often darker. If you are afraid to get the effect of the mask, choose creams that have pigments adapted to the shade, on which they are applied. Light textures fluids or mousse professional or premium tones easily blend in with the natural skin tone the face and neck. In conclusion lightly powder person.

Application of shadows for natural makeup can be one-dimensional – you just cover their mobile eyelid. For the effect of depth on line lashes can impose a slightly darker tone or emphasize their pencil, black, brown or grey. In the corners of the eyes looks good light beige or white. On eyelashes apply one coat of the extension of the carcass.

After eye makeup to lips is applied gloss or lipstick. The path is not needed. The lips may be lighter than their natural color or a little darker, but best not to get involved dramatic effect, or sexuality. The most optimal shades of lip in the natural make-up – creamy-pink, coffee with milk, coral, soft pearly pink, but all without a glossy Shine.

Natural makeup should hold well, because correct it difficult if you are outside the home is a need appropriate lighting and tools. When choosing cosmetics pay attention to persistent texture luxury brands. Instead of moisturizer, you can use a primer. In the end of the mist a little of thermal water for fixing the makeup and the effect of the natural radiance of the skin.

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