естественный макияжIf men to ask the question, women with how the makeup they like, the vast majority will reply that they like natural and subtle makeup. However, natural makeup does not mean a complete lack of cosmetics to look fresh and young you do not need a full cosmetic bag, all you need is a little time and a few basic tools.


Preparation of the skin

естественный макияжThe natural way is, first of all, clean, well-groomed skin. The rule is to never go to sleep with the remnants of cosmetics. Before going to sleep, make sure you clean the skin with the help of liquid makeup remover. After cleansing necessarily apply moisturizer. It is important to use any means suitable to your skin type. Beautiful skin should look fresh, no oily residue. This will help you a moisturizer with reflective particles, apply a small amount of the cream «apples» cheeks and along the bridge of his nose.

Moisturizers are an indispensable tool in the creation of fresh and natural way. Special formula prevents drying of the skin, and it is dry skin ages face and highlights of each wrinkle. In the morning, washed and having humidified skin, we usually begin applying makeup. To base the concealer and base makeup lay down a uniform layer, use the primer. This tool absorbs excess sebum, pores, soothes the skin and provides a more natural and uniform application base for make-up. If you use консилером. Try to select the tone that is maximally close to the natural skin tone. No need to put concealer on the face mask only pronounced shortcomings and dark circles under the eyes.

естественный макияжNow go directly to the stage even skin tone. The choice of tools depends on how tight you apply it and what effect you want to achieve. If you have good skin without distinct disadvantages, give preference to the use of moisturizing key tool or mask spots and unevenness tone concealer. If you want to achieve more dense coverage, a good blend the small number of bases throughout the skin of the face, to covered forehead, cheeks, chin on his finger enough to put a base no larger than a pea. For feathering base ideal cosmetic sponge, but if you are used to apply this tool fingertips, better to do it мизинцами.

Today many makeup artists recommend against dense tonal resources and replace them with more light products, such as BB-cream. BB-cream simple and easy way to get fresh and even skin tone, while he lies very even and thin layer, has a moisturizing effect tinting bases, provides a long-lasting finish and even skin tone. BB-cream, like any tonal means can be applied using the wet cosmetic sponge or simply fingertips. If you use CC-cream, additional moisturizer you don’t need.

естественный макияжBeautiful, well-groomed skin glows from within and this effect can be achieved using a variety of шиммеров and хайлйтеров. Apply a small amount of reflective funds for надбровную bone and in the corners of the eyes, the eyes will appear larger and more expressive. Make the skin sensual iridescent glitter, you can use a highlighter inflicted on line cheekbones or blush with easy pearlescent. If you find it difficult to blush color , apply a small amount onto the back of the hand, look what hue acquired skin, these are the color will give the selected blush and your cheeks like that.


A little cosmetics

естественный макияжEyeliner in dark colours is an integral part of an incredibly popular makeup «smokey eyes», but at the same time this makeup is not responding to the canons of the everyday, the natural image. If you’re accustomed to using eyeliner, try replacing the black brown or gold copper, such tones create a more easy impression do look more bright and mischievous. If you are engaged in some evening event, but want to look natural and not to overload the image of make-up, give up the shadows of bold saturated colors. Accent the beauty of the eyes can and using low-key muted tones, pick up the shades for a couple of shades darker than your natural skin color, and gently blend in the area of the eyelids. It is better to choose the shade with a matte or with a light silky structure.

Natural make-up does not imply a lack of mascara, and in this case it is possible to cover and the upper and lower lashes, the main thing, do it gently and instead of black mascara to use mascara brown.

Flawless image and groomed eyebrows are incompatible things. To give eyebrows beautiful form, remove the unruly hairs, break the natural line of the eyebrows slightly do a little eyebrow powder or a pencil in tone. Завещающий emphasis put fixing the shape of her eyebrows with a special gel.

естественный макияжTone lipstick should be in harmony with the mother liquor blush. If you apply the path, choose a color, a little lighter than the main tone, cover lip color, gently by filling all the folds. In conclusion, apply colouring balm or transparent lip gloss.

After the premiere of the film «the Great Gatsby» Jennifer Lawrence starring natural, almost imperceptible style makeup became even more popular. Some makeup artists call this kind of makeup Nude, its minimality makes it almost invisible. Thick and rich makeup looks too artificial, it does not emphasize the natural beauty, but on the contrary, conceals it, and not under the most attractive cover. Compared with some of the film star, whose makeup was more visible than they myself, Jennifer looked incredibly fresh, feminine and touching.

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