An attractive woman, of course, should be neat. A great role in this is given to the beauty of the hands and grooming our fingernails. How are your hands, you can learn more than you try to hide clothing or jewelry.

The procedure is best done once a month. In search of experienced craftsmen to provide services manicure can help the newspaper Domino Volgograd. Here you can choose the required service at an affordable price.
Опрятный маникюр на каждый день
Home also can get a manicure so that your hands look neat.

How to get the perfect manicure in 5 steps?

1. Clean

Remove the old nail, soaking a cotton swab in the liquid Polish remover. Press it for several seconds, it helps to dissolve the enamel and easier to remove the lacquer.

Soak your fingers for 1 minute in warm water with a small amount of neutral soap.

2. Cut

Use nail clippers or scissors, if your nails are too long. Do the nail straight, to give them the desired shape with the help of a nail file.

3. To give form

Select a proper shape: oval, round, straight or pointed. Start to grind off the rough nail file to shape, moving always nail file in one direction. Smaller nail file, rounded up to the edge of the nail. Finally, Polish the surface of the nail.
Опрятный маникюр на каждый день

4. Push back and trim

Apply a few drops of cuticle oil and gently massage for 1 minute to absorb. Push back the cuticle to the nail base. If your cuticle is too high, it can be cut.

5. To varnish

Choose your basic tone lacquer and remember, rules for applying varnish: base coat + 2 coats of varnish + 1 layer of coating. So you can avoid the damage and yellowing of your nails, as well as protect the applied color.
Опрятный маникюр на каждый день
And to finish a manicure, your nails will be perfectly dry, use your favorite hand cream!

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