To nails were in excellent condition necessary to periodically make manicure. But not everyone has the opportunity to go to the master of manicure. The best solution will become a home manicure. This requires only time, patience and some tools. Here are just tools should be of high quality and not worth saving to buy them. Purchase should not be in the markets, and specialty shops.
Необходимые инструменты для домашнего маникюра3
It is best to choose the instruments of manual work, as they are made from high-quality steel, but required periodically sharpening. Now, that’s what should be included in the set for a home manicure. Nail files, spatula and cuticle scissors, nail clippers.

Every woman has a nail file, but it is necessary to have several of them. For this there are different kinds of files – grained, coarse and special nail Polish nail plate.

Nail clippers can completely replace the scissors. Specialists of manicure recommend using wire cutters, because in comparison with scissors they do not bend the nail. They are of two types – straight and curved.

But cuticle you must have both a stick and a pair of scissors. The last should be sharp, but they can substitute for other tools, as recognize”. Remember, in order not to spoil the tools, they should only be used for manicure. In any case, do not trim the nails, scissors, intended for the cuticle.
Необходимые инструменты для домашнего маникюра
Also in manicure set is the place to be scraper cuticle or special stick. They serve to weaken the cuticle on the surface of the nail. There are several kinds of this tools is a wooden stick from the orange tree, steel “doctor” or rubber horse hoof” for more sensitive skin.

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