уход за шеейThe neck is the body part about which we should care, as well as on the face, décolleté or legs. The skin on the neck is so thin and sensitive that over time, wrinkles appear. To care neck effectively, use creams, oils, scrubs.


Care products neck

In most cases, to care for face and decollete, apply moisturizer and anti-wrinkle. Don’t forget to apply them and on the neck. Every day the skin on the neck can withstand heavy loads because of the expressions and gestures. Being constantly in the sun, the skin becomes even more vulnerable. Over time it loses its elasticity. In summer, do not forget to apply on neck sunscreen.

In addition to anti-wrinkle cream you need to use the scrub as a mask or cream. This will help get rid of dead skin cells, firm skin and give it freshness. Firming butter after taking a bath or shower also cares for the skin neck.



We recommend you to try avocado oil, ideal for massages and for dry skin. Since 30 years, don’t forget to use a firming oil 1-2 times a week. Do not forget every night to remove makeup, cleansing the face and neck. To strengthen the muscles and skin in the neck, and expressive pronounce distinctly the following sounds: O-U-And-A-S.

Healthy lifestyle also affects the skin condition. So avoid Smoking, drinking alcohol, which adversely affect the color of the skin. The abuse of these harmful habits, the skin will not become better. As for diet, be sure to add oily fish, carrots and apricots.


Anti-aging products

The neck skin is very thin and delicate. Over time the muscles in the neck weaken and horizontal wrinkles appear. Anti-aging products restore the skin, that is, returns it elasticity and tone. The composition of these funds includes a variety of active ingredients: biopeptides, wheat protein, Royal jelly, marshmallow powder, vitamin E, extracts of green algae, sunflower auxin. To start using anti-aging remedies need to thirty years for the purpose of prevention. And since forty years, the funds are used to strengthen the muscles of the skin. Products are applied the massage. It is scientifically proven that massage stimulates fibroblasts, cells that provide skin elasticity.

Ideal is the combination of several techniques of anti-aging medicine. Mesolift involves a series of injections of hyaluronic acid in combination with antioxidant vitamins. This treatment has a firming and moisturizing effect and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

The injection of hyaluronic acid directly into wrinkles smooth them.

Bipolar lifting is also used for strengthening of muscles and skin in the neck area. Laser surgery is used to remove neck brown spots and redness.

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