For the attention of our readers is quite an interesting recipe that will allow them to pamper their loved ones delicious.

Simple preparation (in advance), interesting tastes and sophisticated (not to say big words) dessert. Rather attractive combination turns out, isn’t it?

The only thing that is sort of a dessert for adults only due to the presence in the composition of the alcohol, although nothing prevents to replace wine with grape juice.


• nectarines – 4 pieces;
• white wine or grape juice – 125 ml;
• honey – 2 tablespoons;
• walnut or regular crispy biscuits – 100 grams;
• the egg yolk;
• ground nuts – 1 tbsp;
• sugar – 1 tablespoon;
• vanilla;
• raspberries;
• cream / sour cream or sweet yogurt;
• butter.


Wine mixed with honey until smooth.

Nectarines cut, remove the stone (it is better to take hardish fruit) and top with the mixture of cookies, sprinkle with sugar, put a piece of butter.

For the mixture: cookies (recommended: almond biscotti) crumble in a food processor, add egg yolk, two tablespoons of cream mixture and mixed nuts (to your taste and preferences, and financial viability).

Wine pour mixture into a ceramic baking dish/pan, add a spoonful of water, vanilla, arrange nectarines (and not Vice versa, that is not watered nectarines wine mixture).

Bake at 160℃ (with heater) for about thirty minutes.

Serve with whipped cream/sour cream or sweet yoghurt, garnish with raspberries. You can add raspberries in a hot sweet sauce five minutes before cooking time is up.

Enjoy your meal!!!

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