There are many power systems. Some of them are approved by nutritionists, some are not. But most of the girls have tried on itself all kinds of diets, tried to limit yourself to a few hours of ingestion. One of the most well-known limitations – not to eat after six in the evening. It would seem, what could be simpler: all day, eat all you want and at 6:00 say to myself, “Stop!”. But the attacks of hunger somehow begin at this time. So how effective is it and is it worth it to suffer from hunger in the evenings?
Стоит ли голодать после шести вечера
The meaning of this system power is simple: after eating before going to sleep, the body does not have time to digest food properly. As a result, all eaten on the night of deposited as body fat. So when someone says “I did not eat after 6 lost weight by a certain number of pounds”, one can assume that the system works. But every organism individual and among all who have tried to lose weight, refusing food in the evenings, there is thinner, and there are those who have not achieved any result.

Considering the opinion of nutritionists about “is not after six”, it can be concluded that one should not eat 2-4 hours before sleep and food should not be difficult. Therefore, focus should not be on a specific hour (in this case 6 PM), and at the time of going to sleep. Any diet or the power supply system must be appropriate to the particular person. You cannot take a spontaneous decision might be to stop eating after six. You should consult with your doctor. After all, the damage to the body experiments with food, can spoil all the joy from the lost kilos.
Стоит ли голодать после шести вечера3
A diet “is not after six” cannot be called a power supply system, and diet it can also be called conditionally. Therefore, you should not starve in the evenings. More correct not to eat for a couple of hours before bedtime and do not overeat.

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