This spring, the French fashion house ROCHAS presented her second fragrance from the collection Les Cascades de Rochas – Songe d’iris.

After 2012 saw the successful release Lеs Саscаdes de Rосhas Есlаt d Аgrumеs, which was a fairly energetic fragrance, almost an explosion of citrus which were complemented by spicy notes, house RОСНАS produces a second fragrance – Les Саscаdкs de Rochas Sоngе d’iris, which is a floral fragrance characterized by freshness and tranquility inspired by the serene and calm water surface.

As told Jеаn-Miсhеl Duriez, chief perfumer of the house RОСНАS, at the time when, in 1970, Nicolas Manounas worked on Eau de Rochas, the inspiration for it was the water source of Apollo at Delphi. The idea was to create a flavor of the water flow, which runs along the bed between the green and blooming hills. This idea was based, as a concept, the collection Les Cascades. While Jean-Michel Duriez emphasizes that water can be as foamy and bubbling and serene and smooth. Aroma Songe d’iris reveals it is calm and serene aspect of water.

The face of the new fragrance, became Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo), which represented the same way and the first perfume from the collection Les Саsсаdеs de Rосhаs. Beauty collaborates with the fashion house starting in 2012 in order to introduce a new fragrance, in RОСНАS decided not to create a nobody unnecessary trouble and to offer continued cooperation with her. In addition, as explained in the House Rосhаs, Olivia is confident woman, with her own and thoughtful style, as well as independent thinking. Aroma Songe d’iris, conveys the atmosphere of the special moments of complete serenity, which sometimes overtake us all, when the enjoyment is just a walk through the streets of Paris.

However, the media already has the first images of Olivia advertising the new perfume. It is noteworthy that the images were carried out on the oldest square in Paris. This is evident from the fact that in the frame masterfully written fountain located on the place des Vosges.

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