новогодний макияжIn new year’s night, is it lawful to create the most unbelievable images which cannot be solved in everyday life. For this case prepare beautiful dresses and considers the festive make-up, sometimes like a carnival. New make-up may be the personification of your alter ego, and if you don’t want any of shocking, it can be beautiful and moderately sexual, but always expressive and appropriate to the image.

For new year’s makeup many girls special acquire the beauty corners, sparkles, crystals, crystals, they’re going to decorate the face. Also for this holiday is purchased color ink or shadows, bright resistant lipstick, powder pearl glow. Facing a New year, everyone is free to choose how he look – whether to accept the adopted recommendations astrologers on creation of successful for the next year, image or follow their own rules.

There is nothing wrong to celebrate the new year with original makeup and take a step towards a welcome change. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try out with chic arrows on the centuries, but they were shy and could not find a suitable case. Be sure that this is the same case.


Translation shooter

Broad arrow in the style of the fifties perfectly festive make-up. With them you can create different images, following the call of their imagination and common sense. If you’re a fan of the style of pop-art and not against would become a Muse to Andy Warhol, let yourself crazy colored makeup, for example, with contrasting yellowblack eyeliner sexual bend and matte pink lipstick. Complete the pop til turquoise-colored nail Polish. Similar, but more elegant version – draw a yellow-black arrows, which are combined with pale lips. If you appreciate the classics, then your make – up-a black arrow with the lens hood on the basis centuries and active red lips. Where else to wear such expressive makeup as not for the New year?


Color dreams

If you want to try vibrant color makeup, the best reason to not find. But focus only on the eyes, lips leaving a natural. Select your color and go for it – try different ways of applying eyeshadow and eyeliner. This may be a traditional smoky make-up, for example, in a green version, incredibly impressive always looks bright blue eyeliner or shadow combined with brown eyes. The color purple is very suitable for a festive night, because he is associated with magic, mystery. If you meet a year in the dress shade of violet, do yourself arrows in the same shade, carefully drawing the line at the pearly white shadows.


A fascinating look

Do a look sexy and fascinating every girl dreams of, and this is possible with the help of different techniques. The most famous – smoky eye makeup, which is combined with false eyelashes. If you want to try artificial eyelashes, try to do makeup in natural shades, not to be like a doll.

If a thick haze’t be a play with the length and texture of false eyelashes. They might be close to natural or fur, very long or подкрученными and voluminous. Such lashes better to combine with soft pastel shades eyeshadow lipstick or lip gloss is preferable also natural.

In 2013, the artists of the world’s leading cosmetic brands back in fashion eyeliner around the contour of the eyes. On the new year night eyeliner can be performed thick liner that will not leave your eyes without attention.


Snow Queen

The image of icy beauty suits for the New year. Makeup should be designed in cool colours to create the effect of a frost. To enhance the authenticity of an image, you can do makeup in white and silver shades, overlaid silver metallic even on the lips. If you want to bring your own image to the living and the human, stay cool shades of blue or green cool tone should be on the lips.


Jeweller’s work

Glitter, sequins, crystals – all these charms maiden life long become a mandatory element of the celebration. Shine on eyelids and cheeks – another classic of the genre, which, fortunately, in 2013 became suddenly thanks to the mass demonstrations on the podium.

Sequins can decorate eyelid slightly, but you can all upper eyelid put stones shining on the trendy background of turquoise or blue tint.

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