новогодний макияж для серых глазThe new year is a time of fun, wish-fulfillment and the realization of new possibilities. To meet him bright and unforgettable, girls are specifically for the luxury holiday outfits that call for special makeup. New makeup for grey eyes will make you stand out, to emphasize their individuality and, finally, to try his way to something new, if you haven’t managed to do it on weekdays. Consider your brand image long before new year’s eve, if necessary, purchase new tools for make-up, which he can use later.


Silver metallic

New year night – time glow and Shine, which is easier to include in your makeup using silver shades that are for grey eyes fit perfectly. For this makeup you can choose the shade of different textures – compact, eye shadow pencil, liquid eye shadow water-based, cream, eye shadow mousse. If you want to create an intense expressive metallic effect on the eye, choose a liquid or compact shadows, if you don’t need dense pigmentation, and quite a bit of color and Shine, then you can use creamy texture or shade mousse.

Apply on the eyelids primer that will smooth the topography and texture of the skin, allowing makeup to stay longer. Neat strokes begin to apply the shadowusing a sponge-tip applicator or your finger tips. Feather border that had no sharp lines. Don’t forget silver metallic stroke of the labeling and the lower eyelid. Next, armed with liquid black liner or a liner with a felt pen, which guarantees a more precise and smooth application, draw a line arrow along the line of growth of the upper eyelashes. The bottom line can mean not a liquid liner and a pencil-Kaya, in order not to overload the image.

Add more contrast and visually make the eyes more open will help the white line on inner line along the lower lash directly on the mucosa. Apply mascara with the effect of false eyelashes. Complement this makeup for grey eyes pale pink lip gloss.


Sparkling retro

Is silver metallic, which you can find cold and not suitable to you, for new year’s makeup grey eyes you may go for a similar style, but with a different type of glow. Shine this time are not metallic, and iridescent, educated hundreds of sparkling sequins that you can apply on any color of eyeshadow. Sequins you can purchase separately or buy sparkling eye shadow can be found in many holiday makeup collections.

As a basis you can choose almost any color. For new year’s makeup grey eyes, the best option would be grey, emerald green, light green, blue, light blue, pink, lilac, purple, shades of brown – choose depending on your complexion and preferences in everyday life.

Apply on the eyelids primer, after full absorbing cover all top mobile eyelid, going a little over the crease up in the selected colour of shadows. Blend that do not have clear boundaries. Then you gotta be very careful working with your finger or an applicator to put on top of the lid sequins. You can apply them on the lid, completely covering it, and focusing the lash line.

In conclusion, we would like the removal of the arrow and applying mascara. The arrow can be in the style of “butterfly”, with a tick at the outer corner, and conventional, strictly following the contour of the eye. But to fence off the area sparkles from the eyes, it is better to make it wide enough. Drawing arrows on the lower eyelid also left to your discretion, we can restrict focus only on the upper eyelid.


Trend color block

Color block two – three bright contrasting colors, and the technique is applicable not only in fashion, it exists in makeup, especially in the new year. For new year’s makeup gray eyes need to choose two contrasting colors for eye shadow and eyeliner, they should emphasize eye color and look great in makeup harmoniously as possible. For grey eyes one of the best combinations in the style of the color block is the contrast of the shades of purple and shades of green, including turquoise, which is an intermediate option between blue and green, and the contrast of purple and shades of yellow, mostly bright.

Application options may be few, and what kind of technique you choose to use, not so important. The contrast, which highlights the natural color of the eye and blends with the outfit. Contrasting colors can be placed one above the other on the upper eyelid in the shadows, continuing from the lash line up almost to the br arc, this can be a basic contrast between shadows and classic wide or thin arrow that is applied to them. Shadows can be applied only on the upper eyelid, the arrow can also decorate the lid on the top and bottom. You can also consider the double arrows at the top or bottom.

The brilliance here is not mandatory, but if you have swollen eyelids, don’t do it, using a matte or silky texture of decorative cosmetics.

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