Fashion trends in the design of nails slowly beginning to change their direction. For example, the replacement of the acute forms of the stiletto came more feminine, oval. Models on the runway marching with elegant manicure on your nails oval, almond shaped. The same trend demonstrate and celebrities.
Весенний маникюр: создаем неповторимый образ4
Although this form as “square” (with a clearly rounded corners) also remains relevant. Courses manicure and pedicure in Krasnodar report that the only thing that will always be by the way are classics. Accordingly, French manicure and sleek design with beige cover (Nude) can be used regardless of the season and event. As a classically-red nails.
Маникюр для коротких ногтей.23
The main rule that you should choose a manicure, is its convenience. Stylists recommend to choose the length, no more than 5-12 mm from the edge of the nail plate. Otherwise the design will not only catchy, but somewhat vulgar. As to the colours and compositions, this year there really is plenty to choose from.

Actual color and design in the design of nails

Nail designs, mostly left actual the majority of last year’s songs. Of course, added a lot of new directions. Girls never make the mistake of deciding to choose one of the following styles of manicure:

  • coating colors Bordeaux, noble blue, guilty and purple shades;
  • dairy, soft pastel colors (mint, peach, blue, pink);
  • the combination of matte and glossy surfaces;
  • lucky with a sandy texture;
  • the texture under “gold” and “silver”;
  • stamping;
  • coating aromolaran.

The most used because of its practicality remains the gel Polish. Increase, despite the relevance of naturalness, is also in demand. The main thing is that it was made as close as possible to the natural nails.
Маникюрным тенденции 4
All the fashionable colors and textures can be safely combined with each other, creating a variety of patterns and drawings. Such details designer nails, rhinestones and sequins, can also be present in the total composition. Looks especially good combination of several actual colors using the style “gradient”. Ironically, while modern updating of femininity, black varnishes have not lost their positions. Importantly, the design was balanced, with a sense of proportion, but remained creative and original. Thus, regardless of the applied colour, the nails should always be healthy, well groomed.

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