American journalist and nutrition expert mark Bittman invites all wishing to lose weight this is the scheme of power in the day time only serves веганского the diet, in the evening – any dish, writes portal This diet Bittman calls VB6, which means «Vegan before six in the evening». More information see on the website

So, during the day you can consume eat only vegetables. But after six in the evening you can eat burgers, and grilled meat, and various sweets, certainly, in reasonable limits. Veganism provides a complete rejection of all products of animal origin. Simply put, people can eat only fruits, vegetables and cereals (millet porridge, buckwheat, wheat). All these foods contain a lot of fiber and various nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of the organism.

Mark Bittman, on the eve celebrated its sixty-third birthday, told about that by dieting VB6 he threw fifteen percent of the weight of the body, уберегшись thus from the risk of diabetes. For four weeks, he dropped six pounds, eleven kilograms of spent over the next few months. In a written Биттманом book, which now tops the ratings of sales on the territory of the United States of America, is given over sixty vegan recipes for Breakfast and lunch.

However, the system of power mark Биттмана has one disadvantage. It does not allow to lose weight in a short time. Stick to your diet, you need throughout life. Doctors say that a reduced intake of saturated fats actually reduces the risk of the completeness, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Although, according to them, in the morning it is better to eat junk food (eggs, meat). In the beginning of the day the body needs energy. But during the day and evening it is quite possible to be satisfied with vegetables.

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