Not far off the New year, the celebration of which many people are starting to think about it now. This applies especially to girls who want to be on the most beautiful holidays, so advance carefully choose the elements of his image, from hairstyles and finishing jewelry. Special attention is paid to the manicure.
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The main trends of the new year manicure 2016 remain unchanged – it’s the naturalness and naturalness. This fact should be taken into consideration while thinking of the design of the new year’s manicure. It is not recommended to increase the nails, making this an incredible length. From the use of a huge number of crystals and other shiny elements should refuse. The hostess of the next year of the Fire monkey is unlikely to have the taste. Square and sharp nails also are not in fashion.
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Especially fashionable new year’s manicure will be familiar to many girls French manicure, which easily can be done at home, without resorting to the services of beauty salons. It can be varied by changing the white color of the rim of the nail to blue.
In that case, if the girl will give the preference to any other type of manicure, basic hues, as well as minor it is recommended to use extremely bright colors. If it is impossible to refrain from using nails bright colors, it is necessary to use the color blue.
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It is important to remember that the festive manicure should be significantly different from what manicure makes a girl not holidays, when prefer to Watch the movie Hitman 2: Agent 47 online. For example, from a combination of such ordinary colors like white and blue can be done just a fabulous manicure, which she will be able to impress all the guests who attended the celebrations.
Домашний уход за ногтями – залог их красоты и здоровья
In the New year, usually as relevant as ever Christmas symbols balls, garlands, toys, animals – all this can easily be a major to create a festive manicure. Such pictures first time girl having no prior experience of drawing on nails will be pretty hard to do. However, practice a few times, she will easily be able to portray on your whole nail Christmas picture. It is worth to remind that the use of a huge number of crystals is to refuse. If necessary, all the sequins should be used in minimal quantities. Marigolds in any case will look beautiful and attractive.

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