Decorate your nails with bright colors – women’s long tradition. Over the centuries was invented quite a few various ways to do it. At the present time were especially popular newspaper manicure, easily reproduced at home. Bright image created in a matter of minutes, you will long to please even the most finicky beauties.

And so, we will understand more. How to make a newspaper manicure? There are currently two main ways: a) to seek help from professionals; b) after reviewing the basic information to do it yourself.
Газетный маникюр: стиль и удобство2
You can also make attractive and pedicure, but here South to take into account some aesthetic factors is the softness of the heel, as well as the smoothness of the skin. As a more comfortable removal of unwanted hair, we recommend sugaring. Painless deliverance hair not only will please every woman, but also give the opportunity to feel confident for a long time.

Step-by-step description

No. 1. In order to prepare the nails to the floor must be carefully rasp them, giving the desired shape, and bring order to the cuticle.

No. 2. Apply a coat of varnish. Attention, for greater efficiency is to use a matte color. This type of manicure is suitable for bright colors and muted.
Газетный маникюр: стиль и удобство4
No. 3. Select a suitable piece of newspaper. Experts recommend to carefully study the selected material. The form of the applied paper should completely redo the roundness of the nail.

No. 4. The pieces of paper after the final fitting to briefly placed in a water-alcohol solution or tool for removing nail Polish. Then you carefully place them on the nail plate.

No. 5. To fix the effect is to press the pieces of newspaper or cotton ball. After 2.5-3 minutes you can check the result. Several layers of clear coating will help to preserve the fine pattern.
Газетный маникюр: стиль и удобство3
Newspaper manicure has many advantages. But is it easy to use and long effect. To complement the evening of the image, it is recommended to use a fixing means with sequins. Shimmering image will amaze any audience.

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