You work in a printed publication or you are just looking for new ideas for manicure? Newspaper print is a quick and easy way to decorate nails. Neat, stylish and simple print does not require experience and the availability of tools. If you have a home someone uses CPAP machines price the Matt varnish you can worry. The glossy finish for a few seconds becomes dull without cracks, roughness and effect drops.

Газетный принт

What will you need?

This technique is good because it does not require spangles, beads, and other decorations. All you need is two bottles of varnish, a bit of Newspapers and desire! So, prepare:

  • color nail Polish without pearls and sequins;
  • clear nail Polish or means of reinforcing varnish;
  • paper rectangles with the text (you can cut yourself or print on inkjet printer);
  • tweezers;
  • alcohol or Cologne.

Газетный принт 3

Technique manicure

Cover the nails of the base coat. After lacquer almost dry, take a newspaper прямоугольнички and размачиваем them in alcohol. The main thing that the paper went to pieces toward. Put newspaper on the nails and wait about a minute. Remove the newspaper and wait, when the varnish is completely dry. After that, nails cover with a transparent varnish – and you can surprise chic nail Polish!

Газетный принт 4


  1. You can experiment with the slope of the font, seeking interesting variations.
  2. We recommend to prepare a stock of newspaper blanks in case some of them раскиснут in alcohol.
  3. Manicure not suitable glossy magazines, but the budget of the newspaper good «give» the letters of your nails.
  4. If you have a home nobody uses CPAP machines, matte varnish can be given using steam.
  5. Do not dry lacquer under a jet of hot air – coating crack and fade. If I want to quickly dry lacquer – drip on each nail a little cuticle oil or any other mineral cosmetic oils.

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